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Microsoft 70-740: Windows Server

With our Microsoft 70-740 course, take your first step towards becoming a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) for Windows Server 2016 with the Installation, Storage and Compute course. This comprehensive program covers everything from manually installing to imaging-based installation of various versions in great detail. With 75 videos spread across 22 hours of instruction, you’ll acquire an unrivalled precept on setting up servers for optimal execution.

Included In This Course

Included In This Course

Total Hours
21  Training Hours
Microsoft 70-740: Windows Server
75 On-demand Videos
Closed Caption

Closed Captions

Course Topics
6  Topics
Prep Questions
242 Prep Questions
Microsoft 70-740: Windows Server

Certificate of Completion

Course Description

Elevate your expertise with our specialized Microsoft 70-740 training, designed to guide you towards the MCSA certification for Windows Server 70-740. This meticulously crafted course zeroes in on the crucial aspects of Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016, delivering an unmatched learning experience. Dive deep into various installation techniques, including both manual and image-based installations, across different server versions. With 75 engaging videos spread over 21 hours, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of server setups for optimal performance.

Key Features of Our Course

  • Duration: 21 hours of focused training
  • Core Material: Detailed Microsoft 70-740: Windows Server course content
  • Resources: 75 informative on-demand videos, supplemented with closed captions

Note: This training is related to a Legacy Microsoft Server 2016 version. The benefit derived from this training is for any individual working in or anticipating working in an environment where Server 2016 is still in use in production environments.

Course Breakdown

  • Modules: 6 detailed topics covered
  • Exam Preparation: 242 carefully curated preparatory questions
  • Certification: Earn a Certificate of Completion for the Windows Server 70-740 course

Our Microsoft 70-740 training is the ideal path for IT professionals aiming to excel in the 70-740 exam. The course is aligned with the specific objectives of the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification. It thoroughly covers the installation and initial configuration of Windows Server 2016, including its most recent features like containers, Nano servers, and failover clustering.

Upon completing this in-depth training, you’ll have the essential knowledge to plan and implement a Windows Server 2016 infrastructure. This includes mastering Active Directory configurations, group policy implementations, and the use of Hyper-V as well as containers. These skills are invaluable for seamless server installations and upgrades, and are beneficial even for those not currently pursuing certification.

About the 70-740 Exam

Our course, focused on Microsoft 70-740, Installation, Storage, and Compute, is a foundational step towards achieving MCSA certification in Windows Server 2016. It provides comprehensive coverage on the installation processes of Windows Server, detailing both manual and image-based methods across various server versions.

Learning Objectives

  • Master Windows Server 2016 Installation in Host and Compute Environments
  • Configure Active Directory Networks
  • Implement Local and Enterprise Storage Solutions
  • Utilize Hyper-Virtualization and Containers
  • Achieve High Availability
  • Conduct Maintenance and Monitoring of Windows Server 2016

Successfully completing the 70-740 course equips systems administrators with the confidence and knowledge to progress into higher administrative roles and paves the way to becoming skilled system engineers.

This Microsoft 70-740 training is a valuable asset for systems administrators in any organization. It’s perfectly suited for preparing for the 70-740 exam, onboarding new team members, and enhancing overall team proficiency in server management.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to 70 740 Microsoft Training

What are the primary focus areas covered in the 70-740 Microsoft certification exam?

The 70-740 Microsoft certification exam primarily focuses on three key areas: Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016. It tests the candidate’s ability to perform tasks related to these areas, including configuring storage solutions, Hyper-V, and Windows containers.

How does Microsoft 70-740 training prepare candidates for the Windows Server 70-740 certification?

Microsoft 70-740 training prepares candidates by providing in-depth knowledge and practical skills in Windows Server 2016. The training includes topics like server installation, implementing storage solutions, Hyper-V configuration, and maintaining Windows Server 2016 environments, all of which are crucial for the Windows Server 70-740 certification.

What are the prerequisites for enrolling in a 70-740 course?

While there are no strict prerequisites for enrolling in a 70-740 course, it is recommended that candidates have a basic understanding of networking fundamentals, server hardware, and experience with Windows Server operating systems to fully benefit from the Microsoft 70-740 training.

What are some benefits of obtaining the Windows Server 70-740 certification?

Obtaining the Windows Server 70-740 certification validates a professional’s expertise in managing and implementing Windows Server 2016 environments. It benefits individuals by enhancing their credibility, improving job prospects, increasing knowledge and skills in server administration, and serving as a stepping stone towards advanced certifications like MCSA and MCSE.

What type of questions can be expected in the 70-740 exam, and how does the training help in preparation?

The 70-740 exam typically includes multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, and scenario-based questions. Microsoft 70-740 training helps candidates prepare by offering comprehensive coverage of the exam topics, practical exercises, and mock tests that simulate the exam environment, thus equipping them with the knowledge and confidence to tackle various question formats.

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Course Outline

Microsoft 70-740 Installation, Storage & Compute with Windows Server 2016 Course Content

Module 1: Installing Windows Server 2016 in Host and Compute Environments

  •    Course Introduction

  •    Determining Windows Server 2016-Part1

  •    Determining Windows Server 2016-Part2

  •    Determining Windows Server 2016-Part3

  •    Determining Windows Server 2016-Part4

  •    Determining Windows Server 2016-Part5

  •    Installing Windows 2016-Part1

  •    Installing Windows 2016-Part2

  •    Installing Windows 2016-Part3

  •    Installing Windows 2016-Part4

  •    Installing Windows 2016-Part5

  •    Managing Windows Installation With Windows PowerShell

  •    Creating Managing And Maintaining Windows Images For Deployment-Part1

  •    Creating Managing And Maintaining Windows Images For Deployment-Part2

  •    Creating Managing And Maintaining Windows Images For Deployment-Part3

  •    Creating Managing And Maintaining Windows Images For Deployment-Part4

Module 2: Configuring Active Directory Networks for Host and Compute Environments

  •    Overview Of Active Directory Domain Services-Part1

  •    Overview Of Active Directory Domain Services-Part2

  •    Overview Of Active Directory Domain Services-Part3

  •    Overview Of ADDS Domain Controllers-Part1

  •    Overview Of ADDS Domain Controllers-Part2

  •    Deploying Domain Controllers-Part1

  •    Deploying Domain Controllers-Part2

  •    Overview Of Group Policy Purpose Components And Processes-Part1

  •    Overview Of Group Policy Purpose Components And Processes-Part2

  •    Overview Of Group Policy Purpose Components And Processes-Part3

  •    Creating And Configuring GPOs-Part1

  •    Creating And Configuring GPOs-Part2

  •    Security Management Using Group Policy-Part1

  •    Security Management Using Group Policy-Part2

  •    Security Management Using Group Policy-Part3

Module 3: Implementing Local and Enterprise Storage Solutions

  •    Managing Disk And Volumes In Windows Server 2016-Part1

  •    Managing Disk And Volumes In Windows Server 2016-Part2

  •    Managing Disk And Volumes In Windows Server 2016-Part3

  •    Managing Disk And Volumes In Windows Server 2016-Part4

  •    Implementing And Managing Storage Spaces-Part1

  •    Implementing And Managing Storage Spaces-Part2

  •    Implementing And Managing Storage Spaces-Part3

  •    Configuring Data Duplication-Part1

  •    Configuring Data Duplication-Part2

  •    Understanding Various Types Of Storage

  •    Comparing SAN Options-Part1

  •    Comparing SAN Options-Part2

  •    Understanding ISNS DCB And MPIO

  •    Configuring File And Folder Sharing In Windows Server-Part1

  •    Configuring File And Folder Sharing In Windows Server-Part2

  •    Configuring File And Folder Sharing In Windows Server-Part3

  •    Configuring Advanced File Services With FSRM-Part1

  •    Configuring Advanced File Services With FSRM-Part2

  •    Configuring Advanced File Services With FSRM-Part3

Module 4: Implementing Hyper-V Virtualization and Containers

  •    Installing Hyper-V Virtualization

  •    Configuring Storage And Networking In Hyper-VHosts-Part1

  •    Configuring Storage And Networking In Hyper-VHosts-Part2

  •    Configuring And Managing Virtual Machines-Part1

  •    Configuring And Managing Virtual Machines-Part2

  •    Understanding Windows Server And Hyper-VContainers

  •    Deploying Windows Server And Hyper-VContainers

  •    Using Docker To Install Configure And Manage Containers

Module 5: Implementing High Availability

  •    Overview Of High Availability And Disaster Recovery-Part1

  •    Overview Of High Availability And Disaster Recovery-Part2

  •    Implementing Network Load Balancing-Part1

  •    Implementing Network Load Balancing-Part2

  •    Planning And Configuring Failover Clustering-Part1

  •    Planning And Configuring Failover Clustering-Part2

  •    Planning And Configuring Failover Clustering-Part3

  •    Managing A Failover Cluster

  •    Integrating Failover Clustering And Hyper-V-Part1

  •    Integrating Failover Clustering And Hyper-V-Part2

  •    Configuring Site Availability

Module 6: Maintaining and Monitoring Windows Server 2016

  •    Windows Server Update Services-Part1

  •    Windows Server Update Services-Part2

  •    Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration

  •    Windows Server 2016 Monitoring Tools-Part1

  •    Windows Server 2016 Monitoring Tools-Part2

  •    Conclusion

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Microsoft 70-740: Windows Server



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Microsoft 70-740: Windows Server

Microsoft Server 70 740
Microsoft 70-740: Windows Server
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