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This cooking course has all the information you need to get started toward learning how to cook. This course will teach you the fundamentals of starting a catering business of your own as well as a variety of professional food preparation techniques.

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Closed Captions

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Certificate of Completion

Our cooking course has all the ingredients you need to start learning how to cook. Students can even learn the fundamentals of starting a catering business of their own. This in-depth course covers a variety of professional food preparation techniques. One thing is certain: at the end of your efforts you will be sitting down at your tables to relax and enjoy a delicious meal created by you while you bask in your sense of accomplishment and good will.

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Cooking Course Content

Module 1: Intro

  •    Introduction

Module 2: Wonton

  •    Wonton

Module 3: Tomato Basil

  •    Tomato Basil

Module 4: Ricotta Gnocchi

  •    Ricotta Nyoki

Module 5: Potato Gnocchi

  •    Potato Nyoki

Module 6: Pizza Tart

  •    Pizza Tart

Module 7: Pesto

  •    Pesto

Module 8: Potato Pancakes

  •    Potato Pancakes

Module 9: Crostini

  •    Crostini

Module 10: Fish Chowder

  •    Fish Chowder

Module 11: Fritters

  •    Fritters

Module 12: Risotto

  •    Risotto

Module 13: Risotto Cakes

  •    Risotto Cakes

Module 14: Spanakopita

  •    Spanakopita

Module 15: Vegetable Puree Soup

  •    Vegetable Puree Soup

Module 16: Corn Chowder

  •    Corn Chowder

Module 17: Tempura

  •    Tempura

Module 18: Panko Crusted Chicken

  •    Panko Crusted Chicken

Module 19: Pork Tenderloin

  •    Pork Tenderloin

Module 20: Potato Crusted Salmon

  •    Potato Crusted Salmon

Module 21: Grilled Veggies

  •    Grilled Veggies-Part1
  •    Grilled Veggies-Part2
  •    Grilled Veggies-Part3

Module 22: Veggie Risotto

  •    Veggie Risotto-Part1
  •    Veggie Risotto-Part2
  •    Veggie Risotto-Part3

Module 23: Outro

  •    Conclusion
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    Smooth delivery and easy access to LMS. Good to see that the LMS offers progress tracking. Would be great if badges were offered on completion of courses to share via Credly to future employers.

cooking course

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