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Our Free windows 10 courses online is committed to providing an in-depth understanding of Installing and Configuring Windows 10. This video series includes three primary topics – Implementing Windows, Supporting Core Services & Maintaining Windows along with their respective subtopics that are listed on Microsoft’s website. Let this tutorial guide you through every section so that by the end of it, you will have a comprehensive knowledge about installing and configuring the said software!

Microsoft 70-698
22 Hrs 7 Min
195 On-demand Videos
15  Topics
164 Prep Questions

Master Windows 10 with our Free Online Course

Enroll now in our free online Windows 10 course and build your expertise in installing and configuring this widely-used operating system. This engaging video tutorial series, valued at $49, is now offered at no cost.

Course Overview

This comprehensive course focuses on three core areas: Implementing Windows, Configuring and Supporting Core Services, and Managing and Maintaining Windows 10. Our video series thoroughly covers each topic listed in the official Microsoft outline, ensuring you receive a robust learning experience.

You’ll learn how to perform local installation, manage and maintain core Windows 10 services, and configure data, device, and network security. Additionally, we cover enterprise scenarios and cloud-integrated services, such as Microsoft Passport. This course is a valuable resource for those interested in specializing in Windows 10 desktop and application deployments, and managing cloud-based application and data service environments.

Who Should Attend

Our free Windows 10 course is ideal for IT professionals seeking to validate their skills in installing and configuring Windows 10. This course covers local installation, configuration of core local services, and general local management and maintenance of Windows 10.

Join us today and gain an in-depth understanding of Windows 10.

Frequently Asked Questions About Free Windows 10 Courses Online

Who’s the person guiding me through the Windows 10 wilderness?

The instructor for this course is a pro named David Biggers. David has been teaching IT for the US Army for the last four years and has a total of 18 years of IT experience. He’s got a whopping 17 professional IT certifications under his belt, so you’re in good hands!​

What can I expect to learn from this Free IT training course?

The course aims to provide a deep understanding of how to install and configure Windows 10. By the end, you’ll know how to implement Windows, support core services, and maintain your Windows system. You’ll learn about data security, device security, network security, and even some enterprise scenarios. So, it’s not just about the basics, it covers the advanced stuff too!

What’s the structure of this free course? How does it break down?

The course is divided into 10 modules covering everything from preparing for installation, configuring devices and drivers, to implementing apps and managing Windows remotely. Each module comes with demos and workbooks to help you understand better. It’s a whole package designed to give you a comprehensive grasp of Windows 10.​

Is this free IT course suitable for me?

The course is designed for Information Technology professionals who are looking to confirm their skills and knowledge of installing and configuring Windows. It’s also great for anyone interested in specializing in Windows 10 desktop and application deployments, and managing cloud-based application and data service environments. So, if you’re an IT pro or aiming to be one, this course has got your name written all over it!​

Your Training Instructor

David Biggers

David Biggers

IT Instructor

David has been a professional IT instructor for the past four years for the US Army. He teaches a broad range of certification courses ranging from CompTIA, Microsoft to Cisco and EC-Council. Prior to working with the US Army, David worked as a Jr. Network Admin and Web Services Manager with KCTCS in Kentucky. He performed multiple jobs being on the IT team. Additionally, David taught part-time during the evening at the college, where he instructed on Active Directory, Introduction to Computers, and Networking. David has 18 years of IT experience, 17 professional IT certifications, and 8 years of teaching experience.

Microsoft 70-698: Installing and Configuring Windows 10 Course Content

Module 1 : Prepare for installation requirements

  •    Module 1 Workbook
  •    Prep for Installation Windows 10
  •    Clean Install or Upgrade Windows 10
  •    Editions of Windows 10
  •    What Features Do You Want
  •    Installation Media
  •    Looking at MS Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT)

Module 2 : Install Windows

  •    Module 2 Workbook
  •    Installing Windows
  •    Clean installation of Windows 10-Demo
  •    Upgrade using Installation Media
  •    Configure Native Boot and VHD
  •    Migrating to Windows 10
  •    Chp2 Booting from VHD
  •    Creating a VHD-Demo
  •    Installing Windows 10 to a VHD-Demo
  •    Installing on Bootable USB
  •    Using USMT User State Migration Tool-Demo
  •    Additional Windows Features
  •    Create an MBR-Partitioned VHD-Demo
  •    Additional Regional and Language Support
  •    Putting Win 10 on a VHD with DISM-Demo

Module 3 : Configure devices and device drivers

  •    Module 3 Workbook
  •    Configure Devices and Device Drivers
  •    Resolve Driver Issues
  •    Configuring Driver Settings
  •    Manage Driver Packages
  •    Download and Import Driver Packages
  •    Using DISM
  •    Installing o Updating Drivers using Device Manager-Demo
  •    Roll Back Drivers-Demo
  •    Using Sigverif-Demo
  •    More on Device Manager-Demo

Module 4 : Perform post-installation configuration

  •    Module 4 Workbook
  •    Perform Post Installation Configuration
  •    Configure Accessibilty Options
  •    Configure Cortana
  •    Configure Microsoft Edge
  •    Configure Internet Explorer
  •    Configure Client Hyper-V
  •    Configure Power Settings
  •    Customizing the Start Menu-Demo
  •    Start Tiles-Demo
  •    Desktop Customization-Demo
  •    Action Center and Notifications-Demo
  •    Hyper V-Demo
  •    Power Settings-Demo

Module 5 : Implement Windows in an enterprise environment

  •    Module 5 Workbook
  •    Implement Windows in an Enterprise Enviornment
  •    Implementing Active Directory
  •    Implement Volume Activation Using a Key Mgmt Service
  •    Query and Configure Activation State using Command line
  •    Configure Active Directory Including Group Policies
  •    Configure and Optimize User Account Control UAC
  •    Using Software Licensing Manager; slmgr.vbs -dli-Demo
  •    Taking a look at UAC-Demo

Module 6 : Configure networking

  •    Module 6 Workbook
  •    Configuring Networking
  •    Configuring Name Resolution
  •    Connect to a Network
  •    Configure Network Locations
  •    Configure Windows Firewall
  •    Configure Windows Firewall with Advance Security
  •    Configure Network Discovery
  •    Configuring Wi-Fi Settings
  •    Troubleshoot Network Issues
  •    Configure VPNs
  •    Configure IPsec
  •    Configure DirectAccess
  •    Configure IP Addresses Manually-Demo
  •    DNS Settings-Demo
  •    Looking at Network Locations and where to make Chpanges-Demo
  •    Windows Firewall – Basic Settings-Demo
  •    Windows Firewall – Advanced Settings-Demo
  •    Troubleshooting Tools-Demo
  •    Create a VPN Connection-Demo

Module 7 : Configure storage

  •    Configure Storage
  •    Create and Configure VHD
  •    Configure Removable Devices
  •    Create and Configure Storage Spaces
  •    Troubleshoot Storage and Removable Device Issue
  •    Steps to create a simple volume-Demo
  •    Create VHD with Hyper-V Manager-Demo
  •    Create VHD with PowerShell-Demo
  •    Bitlocker to Go-Demo

Module 8 : Configure data access and usage

  •    Module 8 Workbook
  •    Configure Data Access and Usage File-Printer
  •    Configure File System Permissions
  •    Configure File Share Public Folders and OneDrive
  •    Configure OneDrive usage including Files On Demand
  •    Troubleshoot Data Access and Usage
  •    File Sharing-Demo
  •    Printer Sharing-Demo
  •    Set Printer Security-Demo
  •    File system permissions-Demo
  •    Public Folder Sharing-Demo
  •    OneDrive-Demo
  •    Storage Sense-Demo
  •    Disk Quotas-Demo

Module 9 : Implement Apps

  •    Module 9 Workbook
  •    Implement Apps
  •    Configure Startup Options
  •    Configure Windows Features
  •    Configure Windows Stores
  •    Implementing Windows Store Apps
  •    Implement Windows Store for Business and Education
  •    Provison Packages
  •    Create Packages
  •    Chpange Default Apps-Demo
  •    Application Startup Options-Demo
  •    Looking at Windows Features-Demo
  •    Windows Store-Demo
  •    Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer Tool ICD-Demo

Module 10 : Configure remote management

  •    Module 10 Workbook
  •    Configuring Remote Management
  •    Configure Remote Management Settings
  •    Configure Remote Desktop
  •    Configure Remote Assistance
  •    Modifying Using MMC or PS
  •    Configure Remote PowerShell
  •    Remote Management Settings-Demo
  •    Allow through Windows Firewall-Demo
  •    Remote Desktop-Demo
  •    Remote Assistance-Demo
  •    Remote with MMC-Demo
  •    Windows PowerShell Remoting-Demo

Module 11 : Configure Updates

  •    Module 11 Workbook
  •    Configure Update Windows 10
  •    Manage Update History
  •    Roll Back Updates
  •    Implement Insider Preview CB CBB and LTSB
  •    Update Windows Store Apps
  •    Windows Update Options-Demo
  •    Update History-Demo
  •    Rolling Back Updates-Demo
  •    Update Windows Store apps-Demo

Module 12 : Monitor Windows

  •    Module 12 Workbook
  •    Monitor Windows
  •    Configure Event Subscriptions
  •    Monitor Performance Using Task Manager
  •    Monitor System
  •    Monitor and Manage Printers
  •    Monitor Performance Using Performance Monitor Data Collectors
  •    Monitor and Manage Printers
  •    Configure Indexing Options
  •    Manage Client Security by Using Windows Defender
  •    Evaluate System Stability by Using Reliaability Monitor
  •    Troubleshoot Performance Issues
  •    Manage Security Using Windows Defender Security Center
  •    Configure Windows Defender Advanced Threat Detection
  •    Event Viewer-Demo
  •    Creating Event Subscriptions-Demo
  •    Task Manager-Demo
  •    Performance Monitor-Demo
  •    Resource Monitor-Demo
  •    Managing the Printers with Print Management-Demo
  •    Indexing-Demo
  •    Windows Defender-Demo
  •    Reliability Monitor-Demo

Module 13 : Configure System and Data Recovery

  •    Module 13 Workbook
  •    Configure System and Data Recovery
  •    Configure System Restore
  •    Configure Restore Points
  •    Peform a Refresh or Recycle
  •    Restore Previous Versions of Files and Folders
  •    Configure File History
  •    Recover Files from OneDrive
  •    Use Windows Backup and Restore
  •    Perform a Backup and Restore with WBAdmin
  •    Perform Recovery Operations Windows Recovery
  •    Configure a Recovery Drive-Demo
  •    Configure System Restore-Demo
  •    Configure Restore Points-Demo
  •    Performing a Refresh or Recycle-Demo
  •    Configure File History-Demo
  •    Use Windows Backup & Restore-Demo

Module 14 : Configure Authorization and Authentication

  •    Module 14 Workbook
  •    Configure Authorization and Authentication
  •    Configure Pictures Passwords and Biometrics
  •    Configure Workgroups
  •    Configure Domain Settings
  •    Configue Homegroup Settings
  •    Configure Credential Manager
  •    Configure Local Accounts
  •    Configure Microsoft Accounts
  •    Configure Device Registration
  •    Configure Windows Hello for Business
  •    Configure Device Guard
  •    Credential Guard
  •    Configure Device Health Attestation
  •    Configure UAC Behavior
  •    Configure Dynamic Look
  •    Picture Passwords-Demo
  •    Workgroups-Demo
  •    Domains-Demo
  •    Credential Manager-Demo
  •    Configure Local Accounts-Demo
  •    Dynamic Lock-Demo

Module 15 : Configure Advanced Management Tools

  •    Module 15 Workbook
  •    Configure Advanced Management Tools
  •    Configure Device Manager
  •    Configure and use the MMC
  •    Configure Task Schedule
  •    Configure Automation of Mgmt Task Using Windows PowerShell
  •    Convert Group Policy Objects to MDM Policies using the MDM
  •    Services-Demo
  •    Using the MMC-Demo
  •    Task Scheduler-Demo
  •    Opening PowerShell and the Integrated Scripting Environment-Demo

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