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Learn HTML5

This Learn HTML course is designed for beginner level individuals who are interested in learning how to build a page for a website. Our comprehensive training course dives into all areas of HTML writing & editing so that by the end, you will be an expert in coding with HTML!


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Course Description

Why Learn HTML5, it is the most sought after web technology and and it is quickly becoming a favorite among mobile and web developers. Our HTML5 training course offers extensive resources to get you off on the right foot with HTML5 app development. No matter your level of experience, our program will help provide you with all of the necessary information you need to succeed. You'll be able to practice using real examples while acquiring fundamental concepts that are essential.

About our HTML5 Course

Our HTML course will teach you the fundamentals of HTML5 tags. Before we dive into HTML5, you will gain an understanding of how to create websites using HTML5 and incorporate CSS (cascading style sheets). The instructor will explain the concepts from the ground up, so no previous HTML5 knowledge is required.

Our HTML5 lectures begin with exploring new tags and forms. We then progress to more complex topics such as Drag and Drop and Multimedia. Next, we go into more complicated concepts such as Geolocation, WebStorage, and App Cache. This online course provides easy to understand examples of each concept, so you'll have a complete understanding of the concept rather than just fragments.

Who is this lesson for

This HTML tutorial is for those with a basic level of understanding who are eager to acquire HTML knowledge on how to construct a web page. HTML5 is an important coding language responsible for keeping the internet alive and powers the websites you visit each day. By mastering HTML, you can create your own online website, be it straightforward content site or an intricate internet application. This e-learning course provides an intensive view of the fundamentals of crafting and amending HTML script.

Your Training Instructor

Patrick Loner

Patrick Loner

IT Instructor

Patrick is a skilled presenter with a strong background in IT training and certification covering general information technology, network administration, and consulting. His strong customer service background and skills both in support and presentation situations allow him to effectively communicate course information in an engaging manner. He specializes in areas such as Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, Windows Network Infrastructure, and Security.

Course Outline

HTML Essentials Course Outline

Module 1: What Is HTML?
  •    Introduction
  •    What Is HTML
  •    HTML Resources
  •    Choosing A Code Editor
  •    The Relationship Of HTML, CSS And JavaScript
Module 2: The Structure And Components
  •    The HTML Document
  •    DOCTYPE Declaration
  •    The Head
  •    The Body
  •    The Footer
Module 3: Formatting The Page
  •    Using Headings
  •    Creating Paragraphs
  •    Emphasizing Text
  •    Controlling Line Breaks And Whitespace
  •    Creating Lists
  •    Working With Tables
Module 4: Structuring Content
  •    Why Structure Matters
  •    Controlling Document Outlines
  •    Structure Elements Part 1
  •    Structure Elements Part 2
Module 5: Adding Links, Images And Other Media
  •    Working With Links Part 1
  •    Working With Links Part 2
  •    Working With Images Part 1
  •    Working With Images Part 2
Module 6: Styling Web Pages
  •    HTML And CSS
  •    Creating Inline Styles
  •    Controlling Typography
  •    Adding Color
  •    Externalizing Styles
Module 7: Creating Your Own Website
  •    Creating A Website Part 1
  •    Creating A Website Part 2
  •    Conclusion
learn html5
Learn HTML5


This Learn HTML course is designed for beginner level individuals who are interested in learning how to build a page for a website. Our comprehensive training course dives into all areas of HTML writing & editing so that by the end, you will be an expert in coding with HTML!

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