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CompTIA Linux Certification Prep Course – LX0-101 & LX0-102

In this CompTIA Linux course you will learn how to perform maintenance with the command line, Linux Installation and Package Management, configure a workstation and be able to configure a basic network. This is a junior level Linux Administrator course.

Included In This Course

CompTIA Linux Certification Prep Course – LX0-101 & LX0-102
16 Hrs 31 Min
98 On-demand Videos
Closed Captions

Closed Captions

Course Topics
10  Topics
Question & Answers
60 Prep Questions
Certificate of Completion

Certificate of Completion

There is a newer version of this course – CompTIA Linux+ XK0-004

Linux is one of the most widely used server operating system in the world. The Linux+ Certification is a distinguished credential for up-and-coming, skilled Linux administrators. Students of this course should be comfortable navigating the command line, installing and optimizing their workstations, as well as building a fundamental network setup.

Students will gain knowledge in the following areas:

  • Basic file management
  • File permissions
  • Linux Command-Line Tools
  • Bash scripting programming knowledge
  • Security administration tasks
  • Configuration security

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Frequently Asked Questions About CompTIA Linux Certification Prep Course – LX0-101 & LX0-102

What will I learn from the CompTIA Linux Certification Prep Course?

The CompTIA Linux Certification Prep Course is designed to provide you with skills for performing maintenance with the command line, Linux Installation and Package Management, configuring a workstation, and configuring a basic network. This course is targeted towards junior level Linux Administrators. You will gain knowledge in basic file management, file permissions, Linux Command-Line Tools, Bash scripting programming knowledge, security administration tasks, and configuration security​.

Is there a newer version of this course?

Yes, there is a newer version of this course called CompTIA Linux+ XK0-004. This course is designed for up-and-coming, skilled Linux administrators who are comfortable navigating the command line, installing and optimizing their workstations, as well as building a fundamental network setup.

What skills does the newer CompTIA Linux+ XK0-004 course cover?

The newer CompTIA Linux+ XK0-004 course covers a variety of Linux skills. These include performing basic Linux tasks, managing users and groups, managing permissions and ownership, managing storage, managing files and directories, managing kernel modules, managing the Linux boot process, managing system components, managing devices, managing networking, managing packages and software, securing Linux systems, writing and executing Bash shell scripts, automating tasks, and planning and performing a Linux installation.

Are there any prerequisites for the CompTIA Linux+ XK0-004 course

Yes, to learn with the Official CompTIA Linux+ Study Guide and prepare for your XK0-004 exam, you need to have the CompTIA A+ certification, CompTIA Network+ certification, and at least 12 months of Linux admin experience.

Can I access the course content at my own convenience?

Yes, you can access this training and over 2,500 hours of on-demand content with the All Access Monthly Subscription. You can start today with 7 free days with no obligation and you can cancel anytime.

Is this course suitable for beginners in Linux administration?

The course is targeted towards junior level Linux administrators, so some basic knowledge and skills of Linux may be beneficial. However, it will cover many foundational aspects of Linux administration, making it suitable for those early in their Linux administration journey.

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CompTIA LX0-101 & LX0-102: CompTIA Linux+ Course Content

Module 1: Instructions

  •    Introduction
  •    Introduction To Building Labs
  •    Things You Need To Do
  •    Install Demo Virtual Box
  •    Navigation
  •    Commands With LabDemo
  •    Internal And External Commands
  •    Overview Of Shell Commands Tricks
  •    Exploring Shell Configuration
  •    Stream Redirection
  •    Overview Of Processing Text Using Filters
  •    Overview File-Viewing Commands
  •    Overview Using Grep
  •    Sed Syntax And Summary
  •    Overview Of Exam Essentials

Module 2: Managing Software

  •    Managing Software
  •    Managing Software
  •    Overview Using RPM
  •    RPM-Part 2
  •    Overview Using Cpio
  •    Overview Using Debian And Apt Cache
  •    Using Apt-get
  •    Debian Tools
  •    Managing Shared Libraries
  •    Overview Locating Library Files
  •    Foreground and Background Processes
  •    Managing Software Summary

Module 3: Configuring Hardware

  •    Configuring Hardware
  •    Configuring Devices
  •    Configuring USB
  •    Configuring Hard Disk
  •    Designing Hard Disk Layout
  •    Logical Volume Management
  •    Overview Using Fdisk
  •    Overview Common File System Types
  •    Creating Filesystem
  •    Overview Maintaining File System Health
  •    Configuring Hardware Summary

Module 4: Managing Files

  •    Managing Files
  •    File Archiving Commands
  •    Managing Files Ownership
  •    Managing Disk Quotas
  •    Directories And Content
  •    Overview Tools For Locating Files
  •    Overview Of Exam Essentials

Module 5: Booting Files

  •    Booting Linux And Editing Files
  •    Boot And Reboot
  •    Understanding The Boot Process
  •    Run Levels Process
  •    Managing Run Level Services
  •    Editing With Vi
  •    Booting Summary

Module 6: X

  •    X Windows Systems
  •    X Configuration Options
  •    X Configuration Options-Part 2
  •    Untitled Media
  •    Configuring X Featuring Fonts
  •    Overview Managing GUI Logins
  •    Using X For Remote Access
  •    X Accessibility
  •    Addition Assistive Technologies
  •    Configuring Localization And Internationalization
  •    Querying And Setting Your Locale
  •    Configuring Printing-Part 1
  •    Configuring Printing-Part 2
  •    Using Web-Based CUPS Utilities

Module 7: Admin

  •    Administering
  •    Directly Modifying Account Configuration
  •    Components Of Account
  •    Adding Groups
  •    Tuning User And System Environments
  •    Reviewing Log File Contents
  •    Maintaining System Time
  •    Admin Summary

Module 8: Basic Networking

  •    Basic Networking
  •    Network Addressing-Part 1
  •    Network Addressing-Part 2
  •    DNS Data Flow Zone And Resolution
  •    Network Ports
  •    Connections
  •    Testing Connectivity
  •    Wireshark Demo
  •    Basic Networking Summary

Module 9: Scripts

  •    Scripts E-mail And Databases
  •    Writing Scripts-Part 1
  •    Writing Scripts-Part 2
  •    Managing E-mail
  •    Managing Data With SQL
  •    Advantages Of Database
  •    Scripts Summary

Module 10: Security

  •    Security
  •    Configuring Xinetd
  •    Uninstalling Or Reconfiguring Servers
  •    Tools For Managing Passwords
  •    Configuring SSH
  •    SSH Keys
  •    Controlling SSH Access
  •    Using GPG
  •    Security Summary
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