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AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals Certification Course

Our AZ-900 Azure fundamentals certification course will teach you how to use Azure, Microsoft’s Cloud solution. This introductory-level course prepares students for the AZ-900 certification exam and will go over exam objectives such as Cloud computing fundamentals, threats, compute, networking, Databases, Azure solutions, Administration, pricing and service level agreements, Azure Active Directory and more.

Included In This Course

Included In This Course

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AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals Certification Course
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AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals Certification Course

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Course Description

Learn to use Azure, Microsoft’s cloud solution and prepare for the AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam in this AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals Certification course. In this day and age, foundational knowledge cloud computing is a necessity. With businesses switching over to the Cloud, it is more important than ever to have the fundamental knowledge of Azure. Understanding cloud concepts and it works and operates will further your career and help you become more marketable.

With this self-paced training IT course, you will learn the foundational level knowledge of what the Cloud is, different ways to utilize the Cloud, and a variety of the resources that are available in the Azure console. In this course, we will go over several different modules.

What is covered in the AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals Certification course

Topics included in this course cover:

  • Cloud computing fundamentals
  • Compute Services
  • Networking Services
  • Databases
  • Azure solutions
  • Administration
  • Pricing
  • Service level agreements

After take our AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals Certification course, you will be prepared to take the AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals exam with practice questions and flashcards. You will further develop your Azure understanding and build confidence in your ability to navigate the Azure console and use the various resources within, such as role-based access control or virtual machine scale sets, or even auto scale apps.

If you need to expand your technical skill level in Azure or cloud technology, or you are just staring out, or if you are anywhere in-between, this training program is for you. This class is designed for all and provides a high-level overview of what Azure has to offer and how it can best help you and your company become more efficient and cost-effective.

You will learn an introductory, high-level view of the Azure platform while preparing for the AZ-900 exam.

Our AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals Certification course is intended for everyone regardless of experience, who is interested in learning and working with Microsoft Azure.

Key Term Knowledge Base: Key Terms Related to Azure Fundamentals

Understanding key terms is crucial in mastering any subject, especially in technical fields like cloud computing and Azure Fundamentals. This knowledge base will help you grasp essential concepts, making learning more efficient and effective. Whether you’re preparing for the AZ-900 certification or just interested in the basics of Azure, these terms will provide a solid foundation.

AzureMicrosoft’s cloud computing service, providing a range of cloud services including computing, analytics, storage, and networking.
Cloud ComputingThe delivery of different services through the Internet, including data storage, servers, databases, networking, and software.
Virtual Machine (VM)An emulation of a computer system, providing the functionality of a physical computer.
Azure Resource ManagerA management layer that enables you to create, update, and delete resources in your Azure account.
SubscriptionAn agreement with Microsoft to use one or more cloud platforms or services.
Azure Active Directory (AD)Microsoft’s cloud-based identity and access management service.
Software as a Service (SaaS)A software distribution model in which a third-party provider hosts applications and makes them available to customers over the Internet.
Platform as a Service (PaaS)A cloud computing model that provides customers a platform to develop, run, and manage applications without the complexity of building and maintaining the infrastructure.
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)A form of cloud computing that provides virtualized computing resources over the Internet.
Azure Logic AppsA cloud service that helps you automate and orchestrate tasks, business processes, and workflows.
Azure FunctionsAn event-driven, serverless compute platform that can automatically run a script or piece of code in response to various events.
Azure Blob StorageA service for storing large amounts of unstructured data, such as text or binary data.
Azure SQL DatabaseA managed cloud database provided as part of Microsoft Azure.
Virtual Network (VNet)A representation of your own network in the cloud.
Azure DevOpsA suite of development tools provided by Microsoft for collaborating on software development projects.
Load BalancerA device that distributes network or application traffic across a number of servers.
Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)A managed container orchestration service, based on Kubernetes.
Azure MarketplaceAn online store that provides applications and services for use in Azure.
API ManagementA way to create consistent and modern API gateways for back-end services.
Azure Cosmos DBA globally distributed, multi-model database service.
RegionA set of datacenters deployed within a latency-defined perimeter and connected through a dedicated regional low-latency network.
Resource GroupA container that holds related resources for an Azure solution.
ScalabilityThe ability to increase or decrease resources for any given workload.
ComplianceAdherence to laws, regulations, guidelines, and specifications relevant to cloud computing.
Azure MonitorA service that provides comprehensive monitoring of your applications, infrastructure, and network.

This list covers foundational concepts and services in Azure, essential for anyone studying for the AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals certification or seeking a basic understanding of Microsoft Azure.

Frequently Asked Questions About AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals Certification Course

What is the AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals Certification?

The AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals Certification is an entry-level certification offered by Microsoft that validates your foundational knowledge of Microsoft Azure cloud services. It is designed for individuals who are new to cloud computing and Azure and want to establish a basic understanding of the platform.

What topics are covered in the AZ-900 exam?

The AZ-900 exam covers a wide range of topics related to Azure fundamentals, including cloud concepts, core Azure services, Azure pricing and SLA, governance and compliance, and Azure support and service level agreements. It is essential to have a good grasp of these areas to pass the exam successfully.

Do I need prior experience with Azure to take the AZ-900 exam?

No, prior experience with Azure is not required to take the AZ-900 exam. This certification is designed for beginners and is an excellent starting point for individuals who are new to cloud computing and Microsoft Azure.

What is the format of the AZ-900 exam, and how long is it valid?

The AZ-900 exam consists of multiple-choice questions and is typically around 60 minutes long. It is a pass/fail exam, and you need to achieve a passing score to earn the certification. The AZ-900 certification does not expire, meaning it is valid indefinitely.

How can I prepare for the AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals Certification?

To prepare for the AZ-900 exam, you can use a combination of study resources such as Microsoft’s official study materials, practice exams, and online courses. Additionally, hands-on experience with Azure services can be beneficial. It’s also a good idea to join study groups or forums to discuss topics with peers and gain insights into the exam content.

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Course Outline

Microsoft AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Course Content

Module 1: Introduction

  •    Instructor Introduction

  •    Course Overview

  •    Expectations

Module 2: Cloud Fundamentals

  •    What is the Cloud

  •    Basic Terms

  •    Types of cloud computing

  •    Cloud Service Models

Module 3: Azure’s Architecture

  •    Regions and Availability

  •    Resource Groups and Management

  •    Azure Marketplace

  •    Demo- Azure Console Exploration

Module 4: Compute

  •    Virtual Machines

  •    Containers

  •    Demo - Containers

  •    Functions

  •    Demo - Functions

  •    Windows Virtual Desktop and App Services

Module 5: Networking and CDN

  •    Virtual Networks

  •    Load Balancers

  •    Gateways

  •    Content Delivery Network

  •    Network Security

  •    Demo - Connecting two VMs

Module 6: Storage

  •    Storage

  •    Big Data and Analytics

  •    Databases

  •    Demo - SQL Database

  •    Database Migration

Module 7: Azure Solutions

  •    IoT

  •    Demo - IoT Hub

  •    AI

  •    Serverless Computing

Module 8: Administration

  •    Security

  •    Identity and Access Management

  •    Demo - Adding Users and Groups

  •    Governance

  •    Demo - Resource Locks

  •    Privacy and Compliance

Module 9: Pricing and Service Level Agreements

  •    Managing Costs

  •    Demo - Pricing Calculator

  •    Service Level Agreements and Service Lifecycles

Module 10: Exam Preparation

  •    Exam Layout

  •    Best Practices and Study Tips

  •    Overview and Conclusion

Module 11: Review Questions

  •    Module 11 pt 1

  •    Module 11 pt 2

  •    Module 11 pt 3

  •    Module 11 pt 4

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AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals Certification Course



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AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals Certification Course

Microsoft AZ-900
AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals Certification Course
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