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Managing Different Personality Types


As a manager, you must constantly face fresh challenges. It may originate from external sources such as customers and suppliers or your team internally. Managing is an art that necessitates experimentation to master efficiently. That’s why Rick Graham created this course – to help shorten the learning procedure so you can lead your group in strength, no matter which type of personalities you come across on the way.

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Certificate of Completion

As a manager you are faced with new challenges constantly. Sometimes this comes from outside of the business from customers, suppliers, and the like. Other times this comes internally from your team. Being a manager is truly an art and can require a great deal of trial and error to become successful at it. Rick Graham created this course to help curb the learning curve so you can lead your team from a position of strength regardless of the personality you may encounter along the way.

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Managing Different Personality Types Course Content

Module 1: Intro and what will this course cover?

  •    Managing Different Personalities Intro

Module 2: My Story and background

  •    My Story

Module 3: Let's get on the same page

  •    Let's Start Together on the Same Page

Module 4: Two personality types

  •    Two Types of Personalities

Module 5: A Good vs Bad Manager

  •    Good vs Bad Manager

Module 6: What are the best ways to manage your team?

  •    What is the Best Way to Manage Your Team

Module 7: Mentalities to avoid

  •    Mentalities to Avoid
  •    Can You Be Your Employee's Friend
  •    Trying To Make Everyone Happy
  •    Talking Down to Your Team

Module 8: How to approach a problem with an employee?

  •    How To Approach a Problem with an Employee

Module 9: Diversity in your team

  •    There is A lot of Diversity Out There

Module 10: My personal difficulty with careless employees

  •    My Personal Difficulties

Module 11: Discipline

  •    Discipline
  •    Best Practices During Discipline

Module 12: Angry employees

  •    What To Do with Angry Employees
  •    Is It Ok To Yell at Your Employees

Module 13: When it is time to say goodbye

  •    When It Is Time to Say Goodbye

Module 14: Disrespect from your team

  •    Disrespect from Your Team
  •    How to Build Respect from Your Team

Module 15: Common management mistakes

  •    Common Mangement Mistakes

Module 16: How do I become a better manager?

  •    How Do I Become a Better Manager

Module 17: How to manage if you aren't the big, big boss

  •    How To Manage a Team if You're a Middle Manager

Module 18: Dealing with other managers

  •    Dealing with other Managers

Module 19: Conclusion and summary of course

  •    Summary
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    Smooth delivery and easy access to LMS. Good to see that the LMS offers progress tracking. Would be great if badges were offered on completion of courses to share via Credly to future employers.

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