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Data Security Compliance

This Data Security Compliance online training course outlines important data security measures to be taken by individuals to protect sensitive data and PI. Some of the topics include how to prevent data breaches, safeguard your personal information, and different types of breaches. The security measures outlined in this course not only protect the individual (mobile devices, etc.), but also protect data up to the corporate level.

Included In This Course

Included In This Course

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Data Security Compliance
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Data Security Compliance

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Course Description

About our online training course

This Data Security Compliance online training course outlines important data security measures to be taken by individuals to protect sensitive data and PI. Some of the topics include how to prevent data breaches, safeguard, protecting your personal information, and different types of breaches. The security measures outlined in this course not only protect the individual (mobile devices, etc) but also protect data up to the corporate level.

These safe practices can prevent hacking into personal social media accounts up to hacking of sensitive corporate data and data breaches. Learn how to better protect yourself and your company by implementing these security measures into your usage.

About Data Privacy and information security training and why it is important

Data Privacy & Information Security training provides a comprehensive overview of all data privacy, information security and asset protection related topics. At the conclusion of our course, individuals will have an enhanced comprehension of their role when it comes to protecting confidential information as well as keeping digital systems secure.

As individuals globally search for more control over their own data and organizations increasingly encounter security concerns, defending personal information has become a critical priority. With the recent rise in remote work, it is now essential to make sure employees are educated on all regulations and policies associated with using confidential facts and protecting such info. The better informed they are of these principles—the less likely there may be an expensive breach or violation that could arise from careless behavior.

When it comes to the protection of personal data and nonpublic systems, Data Privacy and Information Security are both essential. Ignoring these two practices can yield devastating consequences for businesses, such as hefty fines, repetitional damage, or customers losing faith in an organization. With proper implementation however – organizations can ensure that their information remains secure while still respecting individual’s privacy rights.

Cybercriminals have developed a range of methods to dupe their victims into giving away confidential, sensitive or personal data and downloading malicious software. Phishing attacks are the most common tactic employed by these criminals, which they employ through emails, text messages, phone calls as well as social media platforms. This puts organizations at an enormous risk of security breaches if they do not take proper precautions against such threats.

Ensuring that our team members know the best methods for protecting sensitive data, avoiding dangers, and asking questions is integral to upholding information security compliance. By increasing their knowledge of these topics and emphasizing how essential it is to ask queries and report issues, we will be able to fend off unauthorized access breaches with greater effectiveness. With this in mind, such training also assists us in staying consistent with data protection regulations while producing a sense of assurance between employees, clients/customers/partnership groups as well as local neighborhoods.

Frequently Asked Questions About Data Security Compliance

What topics does the Data Security Compliance course cover?

The course outlines key data security measures to protect sensitive data and personally identifiable information (PII). It covers how to prevent data breaches, safeguard personal information, and the different types of breaches. The security measures discussed in this course aim to protect both individuals and corporate-level data​.

Why is data privacy and information security training important?

With an increasing global focus on control over personal data and a rise in remote work, protecting personal information has become critical. The Data Security Compliance course is designed to provide an understanding of the role of individuals in protecting confidential information and keeping digital systems secure.

Who is ITU Online and what is their approach to online IT courses?

ITU Online has been a leader in providing online Information Technology (IT) training courses since 2012. They aim to exceed learning needs by offering a comprehensive online experience that uses proven educational concepts and sound instructional design principles. Their self-paced online IT courses are designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience, with courses offering industry-recognized certifications and training tailored to meet learners’ needs and goals.

What level of experience is required to take the Data Security Compliance course?

ITU Online offers courses for everyone – from beginners to those with years of experience in the IT field. The Data Security Compliance course can be taken by anyone interested in improving their data security and privacy knowledge, regardless of their current level of IT experience​.

What recognition has ITU Online received for its courses and content?

ITU Online is a four-time Best in Biz Award winner, earning titles such as Company of the Year and Most Innovative Company of the Year. They are recognized for their progressive innovations in the field of IT training and education.

How many students have benefited from ITU Online courses so far?

As of now, ITU Online has helped over 800,000 students through their services. They strive to develop stimulating and interactive virtual courses that provide optimal value for learners​.

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Course Outline

Data Security Compliance Course Content

Module 1: Data Breaches And ID Theft

  •    Course Introduction

  •    Treat And Cost

Module 2: Device Security Basics

  •    Device Access

  •    Device Management

Module 3: Avoiding Inadvertent Disclosure

  •    No More Oops Part1

  •    No More Oops Part2

Module 4: Physical And Technical Safeguards

  •    The DO Of Security Part1

  •    The DO Of Security Part2

  •    Course Conclusion

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Your Training Instructor

Josh Schofer

Josh Schofer

Cybersecurity | Cloud Trainer

Josh has 15 plus years in account management and client support with over 5 years specifically in the healthcare industry. Josh provides hands-on leadership to the healthcare team at NetDirector by focusing on client success and innovative solutions. As the Healthcare Operations Manager, Josh ensures that each client implementation is completed as efficiently as possible with the greatest impact to the client. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of South Florida.

Data Security Compliance



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Data Security Compliance

Data Security Compliance
Data Security Compliance
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