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CompTIA CASP +: Advanced Security Practitioner

The CompTIA CASP + exam ascertains the knowledge and abilities essential for designing, engineering, and conceptualizing secure solutions in complex corporate scenarios for Advanced Security Practitioner. This IT course necessitates utilizing critical thinking across a vast array of security disciplines to develop and put into practice solutions that fulfill enterprise needs while also managing risk.

Included In This Course

CompTIA Network Vulnerability Assessment Professional (CNVP)
19 Hrs 31 Min
136 On-demand Videos
Closed Captions

Closed Captions

Course Topics
37  Topics
Question & Answers
57 Prep Questions
Certificate of Completion

Certificate of Completion

There is a newer version of this course available. CompTIA CASP+ Advanced Security Practitioner CAS-003

Course Description for CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP)

The CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) course is designed for experienced IT professionals seeking to expand their knowledge and expertise in enterprise security. This comprehensive course covers advanced security concepts, including cryptography, risk management, and secure system lifecycle management. Learners will delve into the intricacies of network security, cryptographic techniques, and the implementation of secure enterprise-level solutions.

The course is structured to provide practical, hands-on experience with real-world applications, ensuring that learners can apply their skills in a professional setting. Topics include underlying security models, cryptography, virtual computing, IPv6, remote access security, firewall and VPN configurations, and incident handling, among others. The CASP certification validates advanced-level competency in risk management, enterprise security operations and architecture, research and collaboration, and integration of enterprise security.

What You Will Learn in CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP)

This course will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in advanced security roles. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of various security domains and learn how to apply these concepts effectively in your organization.

  • Understanding and implementing underlying security models
  • Evaluating and selecting appropriate security products
  • Mastering symmetric and asymmetric cryptography
  • Securing data storage solutions
  • Implementing virtual and cloud computing security
  • Configuring and securing IPv6 networks
  • Enhancing remote access security
  • Managing and securing DNS and directory services
  • Configuring firewalls and VPNs
  • Performing security configuration management
  • Ensuring network infrastructure security
  • Securing web services and preventing common vulnerabilities
  • Implementing access control and single sign-on solutions
  • Conducting risk assessments and managing risk
  • Continuous monitoring and incident handling

Exam Objectives for CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP)

The CASP certification is governed by CompTIA, and it focuses on various critical security areas. The exam objectives are designed to validate your ability to secure complex enterprise environments and include:

  • Risk Management – 19%
  • Enterprise Security Architecture – 25%
  • Enterprise Security Operations – 20%
  • Technical Integration of Enterprise Security – 23%
  • Research, Development, and Collaboration – 13%

Who This CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) Course is For

This course is ideal for IT professionals who are responsible for security in enterprise environments. It is also suitable for those preparing for the CASP certification exam or seeking to advance their career in cybersecurity.

  • Security Engineers
  • IT Managers
  • Network Architects
  • Information Security Analysts
  • System Administrators
  • IT professionals looking to specialize in security

Possible Jobs You Can Get With This Knowledge

Completing this course and obtaining the CASP certification opens up a variety of advanced security positions across different industries. Some potential job titles include:

  • Senior Security Engineer
  • Security Architect
  • Information Security Manager
  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
  • IT Security Consultant
  • Cybersecurity Analyst

Average Industry Salaries for People with These Skills

Professionals with advanced security skills and CASP certification can expect competitive salaries in the cybersecurity field. Here are some average salary ranges:

  • Senior Security Engineer: $100,000 – $130,000
  • Security Architect: $110,000 – $140,000
  • Information Security Manager: $95,000 – $125,000
  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO): $150,000 – $200,000
  • IT Security Consultant: $90,000 – $120,000
  • Cybersecurity Analyst: $80,000 – $110,000

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Don’t miss the opportunity to advance your career in cybersecurity. Enroll in the CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) course today and gain the skills and knowledge needed to protect enterprise environments from complex security threats. With hands-on experience and real-world applications, you’ll be well-prepared to tackle advanced security challenges and achieve the prestigious CASP certification.

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Frequently Asked Questions About CompTIA CASP +: Advanced Security Practitioner

What is the CompTIA CASP+ course about?

The CompTIA CASP+ course aims to provide knowledge and skills necessary for designing, engineering, and conceptualizing secure solutions in complex corporate scenarios. This IT course requires the application of critical thinking across a wide range of security disciplines to create and implement solutions that meet enterprise requirements while managing risk.

What does the CompTIA CASP+ course include?

The course includes 19 hours of training, 136 videos, and 37 topics. It also provides 57 practice questions to help you prepare for the CompTIA CASP+ exam. The course topics cover a wide range of areas such as blockchain-cryptocurrency and mobile device encryption, cryptographic techniques, cybersecurity policies, risk management, and advanced threat management among others.

How much does the CompTIA CASP+ course cost?

The CompTIA CASP+ course is available an an affordable price. However, you can also access it as part of an All Access Monthly Subscription, which provides access to over 2,500 hours of on-demand content. The subscription comes with a 7-day free trial and can be canceled at any time

Why should I consider the CompTIA CASP+ certification?

The CompTIA CASP+ certification stands apart from other credentials as it is the only one to cover both security architecture and engineering. It can help technical leaders gauge an enterprise’s cyber readiness and establish appropriate incident response strategies and solutions. The certification is developed with ISO 17024 standards and is accepted by the US DoD to fulfill directive 8140/8570.01-M requirements, offering trustworthiness and assurance that regulators and government can rely on.

What’s the newer version of this course mentioned on the page?

The newer version of the course mentioned on the page is “CompTIA CASP+ Advanced Security Practitioner CAS-003”. This version of the course tests your technical knowledge capabilities to create, design, and engineer secure solutions in complex enterprise environments while maintaining business objectives and business continuity measures.

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CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) Course Content

Module 1- Underlying Security Models

  •    Course Guide
  •    Underlying Security Models Part 1
  •    Underlying Security Models Part 2
  •    Underlying Security Models Part 3
  •    Underlying Security Models Part 4
  •    Underlying Security Models Part 5
  •    Underlying Security Models Part 6
  •    Underlying Security Models Part 7
  •    General Security Part 1
  •    General Security Part 2

Module 2- Selecting Security

  •    Selecting Security Products Part 1
  •    Selecting Security Products Part 2
  •    Selecting Security Products Part 3
  •    Control Selection Process Part 1
  •    Control Selection Process Part 2

Module 3- Cryptography

  •    Cryptography Symmetric and Asymmetric Part 1
  •    Cryptography Symmetric and Asymmetric Part 2
  •    Cryptography Symmetric and Asymmetric Part 3
  •    Cryptography Symmetric and Asymmetric Part 4
  •    Cryptography Message Integrity Controls Part 1
  •    Cryptography Message Integrity Controls Part 2
  •    Cryptography Message Integrity Controls Part 3
  •    Cryptography Digital Signatures Part 1
  •    Cryptography Digital Signatures Part 2
  •    Cryptography PKI and PGP Part 1
  •    Cryptography PKI and PGP Part 2
  •    Cryptography PKI and PGP Part 3
  •    Cryptography PKI and PGP Part 4

Module 4- Storage

  •    Storage Part 1
  •    Storage Part 2
  •    Storage Part 3
  •    Storage Part 4

Module 5- Virtual Computing

  •    Virtual Computing
  •    Cloud Computing Part 1
  •    Cloud Computing Part 2
  •    Cloud Computing Part 3
  •    Cloud Computing Part 4
  •    Cloud Computing Part 5

Module 6- IPv6

  •    IPV6 Part 1
  •    IPV6 Part 2

Module 7- Remote Access Security

  •    Remote Access Security Part 1
  •    Remote Access Security Part 2

Module 8- Domain Name System

  •    Domain Name System Part 1
  •    Domain Name System Part 2
  •    Domain Name System Part 3
  •    Domain Name System Part 4
  •    Domain Name System Part 5
  •    Domain Name System Part 6
  •    Domain Name System Part 7
  •    Domain Name System Part 8

Module 9- Directory Services

  •    Directory Services

Module 10- Firewall and VPN

  •    Firewall and VPN Part 1
  •    Firewall and VPN Part 2
  •    Firewall and VPN Part 3
  •    Firewall and VPN Part 4
  •    Firewall Policy Part 1
  •    Firewall Policy Part 2
  •    Firewall Policy Part 3
  •    Firewall Policy Part 4

Module 11- Security Configuration Management

  •    Security Configuration Management Part 1
  •    Security Configuration Management Part 2
  •    Security Configuration Management Part 3

Module 12- Network Infrastructure Security

  •    Network Infrastructure Security Part 1
  •    Network Infrastructure Security Part 2
  •    Network Infrastructure Security Part 3
  •    Network Infrastructure Security Part 4

Module 13- Secure Web Services

  •    Secure Web Services Part 1
  •    Secure Web Services Part 2
  •    OWASP top Ten Part 1
  •    OWASP top Ten Part 2
  •    OWASP top Ten Part 3
  •    OWASP top Ten Part 4
  •    OWASP top Ten Part 5

Module 14- Buffer Overflows

  •    Buffer Overflows Part 1
  •    Buffer Overflows Part 2

Module 15- SQL Injection

  •    SQL Injection Part 1
  •    SQL Injection Part 2

Module 16- Access Control

  •    Access Control Part 1
  •    Access Control Part 2

Module 17- Single Sign-On

  •    Single Sign-On Part 1
  •    Single Sign-On Part 2
  •    Single Sign-On Part 3

Module 18- Risk Assessment

  •    Risk Assessment Part 1
  •    Risk Assessment Part 2

Module 19- Testing and Assessment

  •    Testing and Assessment Part 1
  •    Testing and Assessment Part 2
  •    Testing and Assessment Part 3

Module 20- Common Vulnerability

  •    Common Vulnerability Scoring System Part 1
  •    Common Vulnerability Scoring System Part 2
  •    Common Vulnerability Scoring System Part 3
  •    Common Vulnerability Scoring System Part 4

Module 21- Common Criteria

  •    Common Criteria Part 1
  •    Common Criteria Part 2
  •    Common Criteria Part 3
  •    Common Criteria Part 4
  •    Common Criteria Part 5

Module 22- Personally Identifiable Information

  •    Personally Identifiable Information Part 1
  •    Personally Identifiable Information Part 2

Module 23- Risk Management

  •    Risk Management Part 1
  •    Risk Management Part 2
  •    Risk Management Part 3

Module 24- Frameworks

  •    Frameworks Part 1
  •    Frameworks Part 2
  •    Frameworks Part 3
  •    Frameworks Part 4

Module 25- Interconnecting Systems

  •    Interconnecting Systems Part 1
  •    Interconnecting Systems Part 2

Module 26- Security Services

  •    Security Services Part 1
  •    Security Services Part 2
  •    Security Services Part 3
  •    Security Services Part 4

Module 27- Continuous Monitoring

  •    Continuous Monitoring Part 1
  •    Continuous Monitoring Part 2
  •    Continuous Monitoring Part 3
  •    Continuous Monitoring Part 4

Module 28-Incident Handling

  •    Incident Handling Part 1
  •    Incident Handling Part 2
  •    Incident Handling Part 3
  •    Incident Handling Part 4

Module 29- Forensic & Incident Response

  •    Forensic and Incident Response Part 1
  •    Forensic and Incident Response Part 2
  •    Forensic and Incident Response Part 3

Module 30- Requirements Processing

  •    Requirements Processing Part 1
  •    Requirements Processing Part 2
  •    Requirements Processing Part 3

Module 31- Standards Bodies

  •    Standards Bodies

Module 32- Secure System Life Cycle

  •    Secure System Life Cycle Part 1
  •    Secure System Life Cycle Part 2
  •    Secure System Life Cycle Part 3

Module 33- Email

  •    Email

Module 34- Mobile and BYOD

  •    Mobile and BYOD Part 1
  •    Mobile and BYOD Part 2

Module 35- Voiceover IP

  •    Voice over IP

Module 36- Physical Facilities Assessment Process

  •    Physical Facilities Assessment Process Part 1
  •    Physical Facilities Assessment Process Part 2

Module 37- Security Requirements Traceability Matrix

  •    Security Requirements Traceability Matrix
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