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Harassment in the Workplace


Preventing Discrimination & Harassment. Harassment and discrimination are costly to organizations. Everyone is affected by the negative consequences of a workplace that allows harassing and discriminatory behavior. This course is designed to inform employees of their legal obligations and their critical role in ensuring a harassment-free workplace. This course will discuss the laws that govern discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. The course modules will also define discrimination, harassment, and retaliation and provide examples of these behaviors through case studies; outline the obligations of employees, and describe the role of the employee in preventing harassment and discrimination.

What you will learn:
* Demonstrate knowledge of types of harassment in the workplace
* Understand federal and state laws of harassment and implications.
* Apply concepts to recognize harassment and prevent in the workplace

This course is intended for any student or employer that requires annual required training to meet federal guidelines as well as students who wish to enter any workplace such as offices, warehouses, etc.

Course Outline

Module 1: Basic Protections
  •  Basic Protections
Module 2: Sexual Harassment
  •  Sexual Harassment
Module 3: Other Harassment
  •  Other Harassment
Module 4: Laws and Cases
  •  Laws
  •  Cases
Module 5: Recognize and Prevention
  •  Recognize and Prevention
Harassment in the Workplace

6 Course Videos

1 Hrs 59 Min

10 Prep Questions

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