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Six Sigma Green and Black Belt Bundle


Six Sigma Certification is becoming an expectation in the business world. Six Sigma Online training unlocks the door for those whose schedule demands a “self-paced” approach. Six Sigma training encourages individuals to stop what they are doing, examine how well they have done it, and then implement improvements to iron out defects. Most organizations focus only on the operational aspects of their business, seldom stopping to ask themselves, “What went wrong?” Six Sigma forces people to continually evaluate critical processes. A Six Sigma Certification leads to tangible career benefits – Six Sigma Certified Professionals Earn Much More Than Their Non-Certified Counterparts. This bundle offers you a unique opportunity to prepare yourself online at your own pace for a certification as a Six Sigma professional from one of the leaders in online training.

Engineering Professionals all over the world are passionate about Six Sigma. However, Six Sigma is not another hype. Six Sigma is a methodology to develop great products and services that customers love.

Six Sigma is the most efficient and proven methodology to resolve any problems in order to improve organization and business performance. Six Sigma aims to meet and exceed customer requirements while increasing business profit and minimizing wasted resources. Six Sigma achieves these challenging objectives by deploying a structured, scientific and data-driven organizational excellence process and culture.

Course Outline

Module 1: Six Sigma And The Organization
  •  Introduction
  •  Six Sigma And The Organization Goals-Part 1
  •  Six Sigma And The Organization Goals-Part 2
  •  Lean Principles In The Organization
  •  Design For Six Sigma
Module 2: Define Phase­Project Identification
  •  Define Phase-Project Identification-Part 1
  •  Define Phase-Project Identification-Part 2
  •  Define Phase-Project Identification-Part 3
Module 3: Define Phase­Voice Of The Customer
  •  Define Phase-Voice Of The Customer-Part 1
  •  Define Phase-Voice Of The Customer-Part 2
Module 4: Define Phase­ Project Management Basics on Six Sigma Green Belt
  •  Define Phase-Project Management Basics-Part 1
  •  Define Phase-Project Management Basics-Part 2
Module 5: Define Phase­Management And Planning Tools
  •  Define Phase-Management And Planning Tools-Part 1
  •  Define Phase-Management And Planning Tools-Part 2
Module 6: Define Phase­Business Results For Projects
  •  Define Phase-Business Results For Projects-Part 1
  •  Define Phase-Business Results For Projects-Part 2
Module 7: Define Phase­Team Dynamics And Define Phase Summary Review Questions
  •  Define Phase-Team Dynamics And Review Questions
  •  Define Phase-Summary And Review Questions
Module 8: Measure Phase­Process Analysis And Documentation
  •  Measure Phase-Process Analysis And Documentation
Module 9: Measure Phase­Probability And Statistics
  •  Measure Phase-Probability And Statistics
Module 10: Measure Phase­Statistical Distributions
  •  Measure Phase-Statistical Distributions
Module 11: Measure Phase­Collecting And Summarizing Data
  •  Measure Phase-Collecting And Summarizing Data-Part 1
  •  Measure Phase-Collecting And Summarizing Data-Part 2
Module 12: Measure Phase­Measurements System Analysis (MSA)
  •  Measure Phase-Measurements System Analysis(MSA)
Module 13: Measure Phase­Process And Performance Capability And Measure Phase Summary And Review
  •  Measure Phase-Process And Performance Capability And Measure Phase Summary And Review
Module 14: Analyze Phase­Exploratory Data Analysis And Hypothesis Testing
  •  Analyze Phase-Exploratory Data Analysis And Hypothesis Testing-Part1
  •  Analyze Phase-Exploratory Data Analysis And Hypothesis Testing-Part2
  •  Analyze Phase-Exploratory Data Analysis And Hypothesis Testing-Part3
Module 15: Analyze Phase ­ Process Drivers
  •  Analyze Phase-Process Drivers-Part 1
  •  Analyze Phase-Process Drivers-Part 2
  •  Analyze Phase-Process Drivers-Part 3
  •  Analyze Phase-Process Drivers-Part 4
  •  Analyze Phase-Process Drivers-Part 5
Module 16: Improve Phase­Design Of Experiment (DOE)
  •  Improve Phase-Design Of Experiment(DOE)-Part 1
  •  Improve Phase-Design Of Experiment(DOE)-Part 2
Module 17: Improve Phase­Root Cause Analysis
  •  Improve Phase-Root Cause Analysis-Part 1
  •  Improve Phase-Root Cause Analysis-Part 2
  •  Improve Phase-Root Cause Analysis-Demo
Module 18: Improve Phase­Lean Tools
  •  Improve Phase-Lean Tools-Part 1
  •  Improve Phase-Lean Tools-Part 2
  •  Improve Phase-Lean Tools-Part 3
  •  Improve Phase-Lean Tools-Part 4
Module 19: Control Phase­ Statistical Process Control
  •  Control Phase-Statistical Process Control
Module 20: Control Phase­Lean Tools For Process Control
  •  Control Phase-Lean Tools For Process Control-Part 1
  •  Control Phase-Lean Tools For Process Control-Part 2
  •  Control Phase-Lean Tools For Process Control-Part 3
Module 21: Review Exam­Prep And Key Concepts
  •  Exam Review And Key Concepts-Part 1
  •  Exam Review And Key Concepts-Part 2
  •  Exam Review And Key Concepts-Part 3
  •  Exam Review And Key Concepts-Part 4
  •  Exam Review And Key Concepts-Part 5
  •  Exam Review And Key Concepts-Part 6
  •  Exam Review And Key Concepts-Part 7
  •  Exam Review-Flash Cards
  •  Conclusion
Six Sigma Green and Black Belt Bundle

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