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IT Cloud Certification Bundle


Cloud Technology has exploded in the IT industry in the past few years. The days of hardware and infrastructure are being replaced by virtualization and cloud computing. The emergence of Cloud technology has removed infrastructure as a barrier to rapid scaling of applications. In the past, the need for physical hardware created a substantial need for physical hardware which in turn created a road block for organizations needing to grow their infrastructure dramatically. With this dramatic change the IT industry is rapidly changing, allowing for a new sector of IT to develop at groundbreaking speed. IT pro’s and aspiring IT professionals need a way to showcase their skills in this new arena. This IT University Bundle includes 3 of the most popular cloud certification courses in the marketplace. Students will get both a vendor specific and vendor agnostic perspective on cloud technology and will be able to achieve certification in the most exciting and rapidly growing sector in today’s IT industry. Here are a few of the topics included in this bundle of courses:

  • Fundamental Cloud Concepts
  • Basics of Virtualization
  • Specific Characteristics that Define a Cloud Infrastructure
  • Elasticity, Resiliency and Measured Usage
  • Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud
  • Combining Cloud Delivery Models
  • Cloud Service and Cloud Service Consumer Roles
  • (SaaS), (PaaS and (IaaS)

Course Outline

Module 1: The principles of CC
  •  EXIN Overview-Part 1
  •  EXIN Overview-Part 2
  •  EXIN Overview 2-Part 1
  •  EXIN Overview 2-Part 2
  •  The Basics
  •  History Of Cloud
  •  Delivery Model Architectures
  •  Software As A Service
  •  Justification For Cloud Computing
  •  Confidentiality And Availability
  •  Concepts From NIST
  •  Important Characteristics
  •  Broad Network Access
  •  Resource Pooling
  •  Measured Service
  •  Service Models
  •  Terms Of Service
  •  Recommendations
  •  Virtualization
  •  Virtualization Concepts
  •  Inter-Virtual Machine Attacks
  •  Virtual Machine Encryption
  •  Recommendations
  •  Service Models
  •  Business Process
  •  Outsourcing
  •  Software As A Service-Part 1
  •  Software As A Service-Part 2
  •  Risks And Recommendations
  •  Platform As A Service
  •  PaaS Considerations
  •  PaaS Issues
  •  Infrastructure As A Service
  •  Scope Of Control
  •  IaaS Benefits
  •  IaaS Issues And Concerns
  •  IaaS Recommendations
  •  Services Oriented Architecture
  •  Web Services
  •  Infrastructure On Demand
  •  Why Cloud
  •  Collaborative Working
  •  New Business Opportunities
Module 2: Implementing and Managing CC
  •  Implementing And Managing Cloud Computing
Module 3: Using the Cloud
  •  Relevent Technologies In Cloud
  •  Storage Devices-Part 1
  •  Storage Devices-Part 2
  •  Application Programming Interfaces
  •  Traditional Software Model
  •  Impact Of Cloud On Users
  •  Providing Cloud Services
  •  Developing Added Services-Part 1
  •  Developing Added Services-Part 2
  •  Using Cloud Services
Module 4: Security and Compliance
  •  Threats And Controls
  •  Malicious Insiders
  •  Insiders Remediation
Module 5: Evaluation of CC
  •  Why Cloud
  •  Resource Scaling
  •  Quality
  •  Thin Clients
  •  Buying Cloud Services
  •  Pay As You Go Vs Ownership
  •  Establishing Requirements
  •  Contract Terms
IT Cloud Certification Bundle

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