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Exploring Azure Network Watcher

Exploring Azure Network Watcher

azure network watcher

Azure Network Watcher is a potent, free tool available in Azure, offering a wide range of features to monitor, diagnose, and visualize network scenarios within the Azure environment. This guide delves into the capabilities of Network Watcher, highlighting its tools and how they can be leveraged to ensure optimal network performance and security.

Introduction to Network Watcher

Network Watcher is a regional service in Azure, meaning it operates within specific Azure regions. It is designed to aid in monitoring and diagnosing network conditions at both a network and scenario level. With Network Watcher, users can monitor, diagnose, view metrics, and enable or disable logs for network resources or network-enabled resources within their Azure Virtual Network (VNET).

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Getting Started with Network Watcher

For Azure subscriptions that have a VNET, Network Watcher is automatically enabled. This auto-enabling feature is crucial for seamless network monitoring and does not incur additional costs. Network Watcher’s functionality hinges on the Microsoft Insights resource provider, which must be registered within your Azure subscription for Network Watcher to operate effectively.

Azure Network Watcher Features

Azure Network Watcher offers a suite of tools designed to enhance the monitoring, diagnostics, and visualization of Azure network environments. Here’s a closer examination of each key feature, providing insights into their functionalities and applications.

Topology Tool

The Topology tool within Azure Network Watcher provides a visual representation of your network resources and their interconnections. This tool is invaluable for inventory management and network monitoring, offering a comprehensive view of resources across subscriptions, regions, and locations. It simplifies understanding the network structure, making it easier to identify potential issues or optimize network configurations.

Connection Monitor

Connection Monitor offers unified, end-to-end connection monitoring, essential for maintaining optimal network performance. It provides detailed insights into the reachability, latency, and topology changes of network connections. Whether monitoring connectivity between Azure VMs, on-premises machines, or to external URLs, Connection Monitor helps ensure reliable network operations. This feature has evolved from the older network performance monitor, offering enhanced capabilities and insights.

IP Flow Verify

IP Flow Verify is a diagnostic tool that helps identify connectivity issues by verifying IP flow against network security group (NSG) rules. It can determine whether a security rule is blocking traffic to or from a virtual machine (VM), aiding in the quick resolution of connectivity problems. This feature is particularly useful for troubleshooting and ensuring compliance with security policies.

NSG Diagnostics

NSG Diagnostics leverages flow logs to provide detailed insights into the IP traffic passing through an NSG. This feature is instrumental for security compliance and auditing, allowing organizations to map traffic, verify that network security rules are being followed, and conduct periodic compliance audits. By analyzing flow logs, users can assess the effectiveness of their NSG configurations and make informed decisions about security improvements.

Next Hop

The Next Hop feature enables users to identify the next hop in the network traffic’s path, facilitating troubleshooting of routing issues. Understanding the next hop helps in diagnosing how traffic is routed within the Azure environment and verifying that it reaches its intended destination efficiently. This tool is essential for network administrators looking to optimize routing and troubleshoot connectivity problems.

VPN Troubleshoot

VPN Troubleshoot is designed to diagnose issues with virtual network gateway connections. It offers insights into the health of VPN connections, including statistics, CPU and memory information, and IKE security errors. This tool is crucial for maintaining secure and efficient VPN connections, providing detailed diagnostics that help in identifying and resolving issues promptly.

Packet Capture

Packet Capture allows for the capturing of network traffic between VMs or within VM scale sets, offering a granular look at network activities. This feature is vital for deep analysis, intrusion detection, and debugging, enabling users to examine payloads (unless encrypted) and gather valuable insights into network traffic patterns and potential security threats.

Connection Troubleshoot

Connection Troubleshoot tests direct TCP or ICMP connections from specific Azure resources, such as VMs, application gateways, or bastion hosts, to other network endpoints. This tool is indispensable for diagnosing network connectivity and performance issues, offering a comprehensive view of network health and facilitating the resolution of complex network problems.

Flow Logs

Flow Logs record all IP traffic flows going through an NSG, serving as a foundational element for network activity analysis and compliance. This data can be exported to visualization tools for further analysis, providing a detailed account of network traffic that is crucial for security monitoring and operational insights.

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Diagnostic Logs and Traffic Analytics

Network Watcher’s diagnostic logs and traffic analytics features turn on or off logging for network resources, allowing for the detailed analysis of network traffic. These tools provide insights into application and user activity within the Azure cloud, enabling better decision-making regarding network management and security.

Each of these features within Azure Network Watcher plays a vital role in the comprehensive management and troubleshooting of network environments, offering the tools necessary to maintain optimal network health, security, and performance.

Practical Scenarios with Network Watcher

Network Watcher can be applied in various scenarios to ensure network integrity and performance:

  1. Enabling Traffic Analytics: Assigning roles such as Owner, Contributor, or Network Contributor at the subscription level to enable traffic analytics.
  2. Monitoring Connectivity: Using Connection Monitor to analyze the average round-trip time of packets between VMs, which is essential for diagnosing performance issues.
  3. Inspecting Network Traffic: Leveraging Packet Capture to inspect all network traffic between VMs for detailed analysis and security assessments.
  4. Identifying Security Rule Blockages: Utilizing IP Flow Verify to pinpoint security rules that prevent network packets from reaching Azure VMs.
  5. Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues: Employing Connection Troubleshoot to test connections from Azure resources to various endpoints, aiding in identifying and resolving connectivity problems.

Key Term Knowledge Base: Key Terms Related to Azure Network Watcher

Understanding key terms related to Azure Network Watcher is essential for effectively monitoring, diagnosing, and optimizing network performance within the Azure environment. Below is a comprehensive list of key terms along with their definitions:

Azure Network WatcherA free tool in Azure offering features to monitor, diagnose, and visualize network scenarios within Azure.
Virtual Network (VNET)A logically isolated network in the Azure cloud dedicated to your subscription.
Connection MonitorOffers end-to-end connection monitoring, providing insights into reachability, latency, and topology changes.
IP Flow VerifyA diagnostic tool that identifies connectivity issues by verifying IP flow against network security group rules.
NSG DiagnosticsUtilizes flow logs to provide detailed insights into IP traffic passing through a network security group.
Next HopIdentifies the next hop in network traffic’s path, aiding in troubleshooting routing issues.
Packet CaptureCaptures network traffic between VMs for detailed analysis and security assessments.
Flow LogsRecords all IP traffic flows going through a network security group for analysis and compliance.
Diagnostic Logs and Traffic AnalyticsTurn on/off logging for network resources, enabling detailed analysis of network traffic.
Network Security Group (NSG)A security feature in Azure that acts as a virtual firewall, controlling inbound and outbound traffic to Azure resources.
Azure Virtual Machine (VM)A scalable computing resource provided by Azure, allowing users to run applications and services on the cloud.
Azure PortalA web-based interface for managing Azure services, allowing users to access and manage resources, billing, and more.
Resource GroupA container that holds related Azure resources, enabling management and billing for those resources as a group.
Traffic AnalyticsProvides insights into traffic flow patterns and helps detect security threats in Azure networks.
ExpressRouteA dedicated private connection between an organization’s on-premises network and Microsoft Azure data centers.
Service EndpointAllows secure access to Azure services over a private endpoint within a VNET.
NSG Flow LogsLog data capturing information about network traffic flowing through network security groups.
Network Performance Monitor (NPM)A monitoring solution in Azure that provides insights into the performance of network connections.
Azure Monitor LogsCentralized logging and analysis service in Azure, collecting and analyzing telemetry data from various Azure resources.
Azure ExpressRoute MonitorMonitors ExpressRoute circuits, providing insights into performance and connectivity to Azure services.
Azure Network Watcher AgentSoftware installed on Azure VMs to enable monitoring and diagnostics capabilities provided by Network Watcher.
Diagnostics SettingsConfiguration that enables the collection of diagnostic data from Azure resources for analysis and troubleshooting.
Network Security Group (NSG) Flow LogsLogs capturing information about network traffic flowing through NSGs, enabling analysis and compliance auditing.
Azure MonitorA service in Azure that collects, analyzes, and acts on telemetry data from Azure resources.
Azure Monitor for NetworksA monitoring solution that provides insights into network performance, connectivity, and security within Azure.
Network Performance Monitor (NPM)A tool that provides end-to-end monitoring of network performance, allowing users to identify and troubleshoot issues.

This comprehensive list encompasses essential terms related to Azure Network Watcher, providing a solid foundation for understanding and utilizing its functionalities within the Azure ecosystem.


Azure Network Watcher is an invaluable tool for anyone managing Azure network resources. Its comprehensive set of features enables detailed monitoring, diagnostics, and visualization of network scenarios, aiding in the optimization of network performance and security. By understanding and utilizing Network Watcher’s capabilities, Azure users can ensure their network infrastructure remains robust and efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions About Azure Network Watcher

What is Azure Network Watcher?

Azure Network Watcher is a service that provides tools to monitor, diagnose, troubleshoot, and visualize network activities within Microsoft Azure. It offers a range of features such as network topology visualization, connection monitoring, packet capture, and flow log analysis to help manage and secure Azure networks effectively.

How do I enable Azure Network Watcher in my Azure subscription?

Network Watcher is automatically enabled for all Azure regions within a subscription that contains one or more Virtual Networks (VNETs). If you need to enable Network Watcher in a region manually, you can do so through the Azure portal by navigating to the Network Watcher section and selecting the regions where you wish to enable it. Ensure that the Microsoft.Insights provider is registered in your subscription for Network Watcher to function properly.

Can Azure Network Watcher monitor traffic between on-premises networks and Azure?

Yes, Azure Network Watcher can monitor traffic between on-premises networks and Azure through features like Connection Monitor and VPN Diagnostics. These tools allow you to monitor connectivity, assess performance metrics like latency, and troubleshoot VPN connections to ensure smooth communication between on-premises infrastructure and Azure services.

Are there any costs associated with using Azure Network Watcher?

While Azure Network Watcher itself is a free service, some features may incur costs. For example, using Packet Capture generates storage costs for the captured data stored in Azure Blob Storage. Similarly, flow logs also require storage, and their costs depend on the amount of data logged and the retention period. Always review the pricing details for specific features and associated Azure storage costs to manage expenses effectively.

How does Azure Network Watcher help with network security?

Azure Network Watcher provides several tools to enhance network security, including NSG flow logging, Security Group View, and IP Flow Verify. These tools allow administrators to log and analyze network traffic flows, assess the impact of network security group (NSG) rules, and verify whether specific traffic is allowed or denied through the network. By providing detailed insights into network activities and security rules, Network Watcher helps identify potential security vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with security policies.

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