CompTIA Certification Path

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With so many IT skills to learn, a big question we often see is what CompTIA certification path should I take? The best CompTIA order of study, beginner-level to advanced, is categorized below.

Our list includes career paths in cybersecurity, the Cloud, IT infrastructure, and more. Additionally, some recommendations we list as beginner-friendly are normally categorized as “mid-level,” and we also list recommendations of supplemental certifications.

In addition, we also know that every student’s CompTIA certification path will look different. Some students may be starting completely from scratch in IT while others are seeking specific certifications, but this is what we recommend.

Beginner Certifications when seeking entry-level IT jobs:

  • ITF+ Information Technology Fundamentals
  • A+
  • Cloud Essentials+
  • Network+
  • Linux+

Mid-Level Certifications for mid-career IT positions:

  • Cloud+
  • Security+

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Advanced IT Career Certifications:

  • CySA+ Cybersecurity Analyst
  • PenTest+
  • CASP+ CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner

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Non-CompTIA Certification Paths we also highly recommend, organized by experience level:

  • Entry-level: Azure Microsoft AZ-900, MTA Microsoft Technology Associate MTA 98-365, MTA 98-366 & MTA 98-367
  • Mid-level: Cisco CCNA & AWS Amazon Web Services Certified Cloud Practitioner
  • Advanced: Cisco CCNP, Cloud Security Alliance CCSK Cloud Computing Security Knowledge & MCSE Microsoft Certified Professional
  • Executive-level: ISACA CISM Certified Information Security Manager

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IT Portfolio Management Ideas

Corporate IT Portfolio Ideas

Keeping a healthy IT portfolio is a major priority for companies in current times. IT Managers like the CIO, CTO, Head of IT, IT Directors, or IT Project Managers often handle this task.

Technology is daily aspect in the running of any organization. Tools for commerce and communication are important to any business in any industry.

IT portfolio management is “the process of supervising and maintaining the entire pool of IT resources across an enterprise in terms of their investment and financial viability.” Gathering potential resources for the IT department to benefit the company as a whole is part of this.

Application and infrastructure are two essential components in IT portfolio management. One item that meets both of these criteria is team-level, or enterprise IT training for employees.

Here are three reasons why team IT training is a priority:

1) SAVING MONEY WITH THE CLOUD – Moving from databases to a Cloud platform is a huge IT portfolio investment in 2021. Not maintaining a data center saves money, and as more employees work remotely, it makes more sense to turn to the Cloud. According to CIO Dive, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure will continue to be the most popular Cloud providers. Training employees internally to plan for and deploy
a Cloud network will help with saving money.

2) INFORMATION SECURITY FOR ALL – Cybersecurity will eternally be a major pain point for companies. Keeping internal data safe and protecting your client data are both vital. Having an in-house team that can protect the organization from ransomware and hacking is valuable. Also, basic-level information security awareness for all employees will help to prevent costly mistakes made from phishing attempts.

3) KEEPING TECH DEBT DOWN – Having employees with up-to-date tech knowledge will prevent the possibility of needless tech spending. When your IT team is knowledgeable about the latest technology that will keep your company connected and keep costs down for customers, it is a win-win for the overall budget and keeping business connections ongoing.

Ready to add team IT training to your IT portfolio? ITU Online Training has affordable, flexible training for companies. Learn the Cloud, cybersecurity, network administration, web development, programming, and more skills your company needs!

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What IT Entry Level Jobs Can I Pursue?

ITU Online Training Pursue

If you have checked out our blog on IT job with no experience, this IT entry level jobs resource list is a great next step. People just starting in IT have many opportunities to get their foot in the door and grow in this industry.

Before we get to this list of job titles, here are some items to keep in mind on your job hunt:

  • Some employers may take “in place of” experience if you do not have certain minimum levels of education when seeking IT entry level jobs.
  • Employers may also be willing to pay for you to pursue your official certifications, labs, or any further education you need for your position or advancement, as it is often more cost-effective to promote from within.
  • Apprenticeships are a growing concept in the IT industry, in which you are paid to learn on the job.



Various job titles – Tech support specialist, help desk technician, computer network support specialist, computer support specialist, computer user support specialist, and customer support representative.

  • Skills needed – IT fundamental skills (working with software and hardware) and being able to communicate with people who have all manner of technological knowhow over. Remember, this is ultimate IT entry level job!
    the phone, in person, via email, or via live chat. Organizational skills to handle tickets and prioritize projects. Knowing how to code is not necessary for this job, but it will help students to learn it for future career advancement.
  • Projected job growth – a minimum rate of 6.4% up until 2029
  • Pay ranges from $36K to $80K with benefits
  • Certifications – we recommend checking out our Intro to IT Training Series


Various job titles – web developer, WebDev, website designer, programmer, website manager, and digital interface designer.

  • Skills needed – website coding with a mixture of skills such as HTML, CSS, Python, and more, as well as being able to communicate clearly with others to ensure the project is implemented correctly. Added skills, such as graphic design, SEO, and social media marketing supplement your experience. Organizational skills to manage links and QA test website changes.
  • Projected job growth – a minimum rate of 16.7% up until 2029
  • Pay ranges from $39K to $89K with benefits
  • Certifications – we recommend our Web Dev & Programming Training Series


Various job titles – software developer, software quality assurance, software analyst, software tester, and software solutions.

  • Skills needed: Programming, database/server/SQL familiarity, and IT fundamentals. More interaction with people within the organization versus with consumers. Ability to shift duties, communicate clearly, and stay organized is crucial for this IT entry level job.
  • Projected job growth – up to 21.5% through 2029
  • Pay ranges from $51K to $105K with benefits
  • Certifications – we recommend a mixture of our Web Dev & Programming Training Series, our Microsoft Server Training Series, and our CompTIA Training Series

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ITU Online Training Wins Two 2021 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

DUNEDIN, FL, March 2nd, 2021 – Jobs in the cybersecurity sector will continue to see steady growth for the next several years, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. With this in mind, ITU Online Training is humbled to announce their acceptance of two 2021 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards.

The eLearning IT training company is a Gold Winner in two categories for their Cybersecurity Learning Management System and their Professional Services of Individual & Team IT Training. Specifically, their Lifetime Library program is highlighted, which launched in 2020 during the onset of the COVID pandemic.

The Cybersecurity Excellence Awards are held by Cybersecurity Insiders, a superlative cybersecurity news source website, in partnership with the Information Security Community on LinkedIn, which has over 500k members. The awards have been held annually since 2016 and continues to highlight leaders in the information security sphere.

“We congratulate ITU Online Training for the recognition as a Gold award winner for two categories in the 2021 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards,” said Holger Schulze, CEO of Cybersecurity Insiders and founder of the Information Security Community on LinkedIn.

“With over 600 entries in more than 100 award categories, the 2021 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards program is highly competitive,” Schulze says. “All winners reflect the very best in innovation and excellence in tackling today’s urgent cybersecurity challenges.”

ITU Online Training offers a Cybersecurity Training Series with over 200 hours of on-demand learning material. Via 12 courses with practice exams, students seeking cybersecurity careers are able to access their training safely at home, any time of day.

“When much of society suddenly had to shift to working and learning remotely last year, ITU Online Training was ready,” says Carrie Cameron, the CEO of the eLearning company. “We have always believed that training remotely is the most flexible and affordable option for IT training students, as well as being a good real-world exercise in working with the resources you have at your disposal.”

After students have gained their fundamental experience/training in IT, the first steps would be taking the Cybersecurity Awareness & Prevention course, as well as Data Security Compliance. Security Plus is the next progression in training, as well as Linux Plus after this. The training company recommends that students finish these courses first before moving on to more advanced lessons within the Cybersecurity Training Series.

How to Get An IT Job With No Experience

ITU Online Training

We often get this question from those seeking IT certifications – how do I get an IT job with no experience? Now only is beginning this career path is easier than you think, but the training can be balanced daily.

A transition into IT careers due to career shifts or turning tech enthusiast hobbies into a living is very common. We recently got to speak to someone working in the field of IT to see what one person’s career path can look like.

The essentials to remember when gaining your initial experience for an IT job:

  • Start with Information Technology Fundamentals if you have no prior experience to make sure that this is the field you want to pursue.
  • Companies have basic standards/requirements for certain positions.
  • Level of education or “experience in place of” that a potential employer is looking for, plus any accreditation needed, can work in your favor.
  • Do you need to be familiar with coding or advanced math to work in IT? No – these skills are more relevant and elective in nature when seeking advanced IT careers.
  • Landing an interview for an IT job with no IT experience/education is often achieved with a minimum of a CompTIA A+ certification.
  • IT apprenticeships are on the rise, so this is a sign that barriers to entry into the field are lowering across the board in order to find IT talent.

We recently spoke to Glenn M., an IT specialist in Maryland, who has been working his way up the information technology ladder. Here is an abbreviated version of his path to an IT career:

  • Started as a cashier at Best Buy after high school – his love of PC gaming piqued his interest in the field of IT
  • Moved up to work with GeekSquad as a Double Agent, then Geek Squad management 
  • Took CompTIA certification classes while in GeekSquad for A+, Network+, then Cisco CCNA
  • Eventually went back to CompTIA studies for Security+ in order to further his career advancement
  • Got married and had two kids, as well as moving from New England to Maryland
  • Hired as a Help Desk Specialist for a Credit Union
  • Completed Security+
  • Was hired as a Service Desk Manager in a Government position
  • Currently working on a Bachelors Degree with a concentration in IT for further career advancement

Ready to prepare for your dream IT job? We have many entry-level courses of study you can start with. Otherwise, we have advisors who can help you create a path of study to get you on your way. Call (855) 488-5327 or email for more information.

How To Get A Cybersecurity Job

How To Get A Job In IT

How to get a cybersecurity job and what is required in the hiring process is a huge IT training question. Cybersecurity jobs will grow as much as 31.2% in the coming years – as such, candidates will grow, too.

Three significant factors to consider with cybersecurity job requirements will be:

  • The number of previous years that an employer will want a candidate to have
  • Any minimum education-level/degree or certification(s) an employer requests
  • If there are easy entry points into the position, such as an employer offering to train on the job via apprenticeships or reimbursement for IT certification training

If you are just starting out in IT:

Your first steps towards a cybersecurity career will be getting some initial experience. This is usually via a Tech Support or Help Desk job. Make sure you have IT Fundamentals complete when starting out.

What to do while in your first IT-related job:

In the midst of adding this ground-level work to your resume, make sure you have CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+ studied for and achieved. These will provide you with the basic technical skills you will need on the job, as well as Security+ commonly being the minimum certification you will need to sit for a cybersecurity interview.

Our CompTIA Training Series provides you with the most comprehensive, flexible, affordable CompTIA suite of courses out there.

Once you get your first cybersecurity position:

Naturally, we all want career advancement. The next steps you would take would be the PenTest+, then CCSP, then CISSP.

Specific cybersecurity career prep: Those who want to be professional hackers will need to take Ethical Hacking to pair with the PenTest+. You can also pursue the CySA+, then CISM after that to move higher up the cybersecurity industry ladder.

Extra career prep tip: Learning Azure, AWS, and Linux are also recommended supplemental learning in your IT career journey. The more skills you know make you a more valuable employment candidate!

Ready to start training for your dream cybersecurity job? Grab our Cybersecurity Training Series, or call us at (855) 488-5327. You can also email for more information.

New IT Training Course Aims To Meet Growing AWS Cloud Deployment Skills Demand Head-On — To meet the global demand for Cloud-based services and professionals who can maintain them, ITU Online Training has released a new course to help students prepare to receive a Foundational AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud Practitioner certification. The on-demand course takes over 17 hours to complete via 18 modules, includes a practice exam, and will provide students with valuable skills they can use on the job in the IT field.

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Course primarily prepares students for the CLF-C01 exam. Senior Course Instructor Nader AbdulGhany is a well-versed trainer in the fields of AWS, Cisco, Netapp, and Nutanix, with 33 certifications and experience teaching in 26 different countries.

“Before you jump into any new section of this training, I need you to be able to answer three different questions,” Nader says in an introduction to the IT training course. He asks that students ponder why Cloud computing is necessary, what is needed to make it function, and how we can implement the tool.

“Previously, we used to host our own data centers, purchase the servers, the network, the storage, then connect all of them together to build our application service,” Nader explains, as to the main benefit of Amazon Web Services and similar Cloud platforms. “When it comes to Cloud computing, you do not need to do that. There is already someone who has installed the hardware, and what we are going to do is rent the hardware from them, and we do not need to do any infrastructure implementation.”

AWS is beginner-friendly, but professionals who are already working in IT may find it less challenging. The instructor provides the most valuable, Foundational-level information to make sure that all students finish the course with a practical understanding of the service this Cloud platform provides.

Further AWS certifications that students can pursue at a later time are Associate-level (after one year of experience with the platform) or Professional-level (two years of experience). IT training students may also seek out Specialty areas, such as Advanced Networking, Cloud Security, Alexa Skill Builder, and several other areas of expertise.

“I recently read a piece from CIO Dive that states 2021 IT budgets are increasing compared to 2020,” states Carrie Cameron, the CEO of ITU Online Training. “In particular, cybersecurity efforts and Cloud technologies will continue to be huge needs, which includes Amazon Web Services. Being knowledgeable about AWS is a very marketable skill for an IT job candidate.”

AWS along with similar Cloud computing courses are just one of the popular fields of IT study that ITU Online Training provides. The goal of the eLearning company is to make these skills more accessible in both price and flexibility, which includes special discounts to front-line workers, first responders, and military to thank them for their service.

About ITU Online Training:

Since 2012, 650K+ students, 200+ companies, and 50+ public entities/schools rely on ITU Online Training for crucial IT knowledge. Their on-demand curriculum is built, filmed, and supported in-house via their corporate headquarters outside of Tampa, FL.

ITU Online Training delivers a standard for quality with their award-winning training courses. Some of these accolades include Best in Biz Awards: Company of the Year, Fastest Growing Company of the Year, Creative Department of the Year, and Most Innovative Company of the Year. They are also nominated for two Cybersecurity Excellence Awards in 2021.

One Year of On-Demand IT Training Special Promotion

ITU Online Training is proud to announce a special promotion of 60% off for one year of IT training. Just a one-time payment of $79.00 gives students access to thousands of hours of dedicated IT training for 365 days via their online, on-demand LMS (Learning Management System).

Students can enhance their IT skills with over 200 courses covering more than 2,500 hours of high-quality training offered at a price unmatched within the IT training industry.

Courses cover the following areas:

  • Networking, database management, and the Cloud
  • Cybersecurity – ethical hacking, data forensics, penetration testing
  • Web development & programming
  • Project management/risk management
  • Courses catering specifically to beginners in the IT field
  • Streamlined bundles of training focusing on CompTIA, Microsoft Servers, Cisco, and much more
  • Miscellaneous edutainment courses to learn chess, learn to bake, fitness/nutrition, and more fun topics

Since 2012, ITU Online Training has been providing on-demand, 24/7 accessible IT courses to students around the world. Over 650K students have been drawn to the pricing and the flexibility that their LMS provides.

“I am always amazed at the feedback we get from our IT students,” says Carrie Cameron, the CEO of ITU Online Training. “It means so much to me and my team that our diverse IT training is changing people’s lives, especially when learning remotely is both the safest and most convenient option in these current times.”

Case Study: On-Demand IT Training Leads to 10% Salary Increase & Job Promotion

Anthony Alfieri, a student of ITU Online Training from Georgia, recently shared with the eLearning company how their learning resources helped him advance in his IT career. His story includes his career roots, his study path, and the benefits of using an on-demand Learning Management System (LMS) for his IT training.

Before working specifically in IT, his previous work history was balancing both Digital Marketing and being the Technology Director for his hometown church. “I was in this position for three years and knew after the first year that I wanted to be more involved in IT work,” says Alfieri.

“What motivated me to get into the IT field was the fact that I had a skill set that could provide support to others,” Alfieri continues. “Little did I know that when 2020 rolled around, IT would become the center for holding a world in chaos together.”

Alfieri initially had a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and working technical experience, but he continued his education by purchasing a CompTIA bundle of courses from ITU Online Training, which is headquartered in Florida. What interested him in the courses, other than preparing for valuable certifications such as Security+, was the flexibility that the LMS offered in terms of his schedule.

“The entry-level courses such as A+ and Network+ were understandable for me as a working professional out of college for three years,” Alfieri recalls, highlighting that moving at his own pace was a key factor. “I have never been a fan of being inside of a classroom because there is a disconnect there. By learning online any time that I need to access courses, I feel that I can process the information better.”

Along with ITU Online Training’s LMS, he found that supplementary materials such as Google’s IT Support Fundamentals course aided in his career aspirations. “ITU Online Training helped me advance in my career because of the extra knowledge I was able to bring to the table,” Alfieri says. “Some of the challenges I have faced in my current position, the job can only initially train you for so much, but every so often something slips through the cracks and you have to use prior knowledge from training to help solve the issue.”

Ultimately, Alfieri was able to present proof of his training efforts to his current employer, who hired him as Lead Technician, which is a managerial position. Managing a group of ten Tier 1 Technicians, Alfieri has found career satisfaction and has experienced a measurable boost in income.

“When I got my new job, I initially got a 16% pay increase compared to what I was making,” Alfieri says. “However, by presenting to them the training I had done independently through ITU Online Training, I was given a promotion after one month, which gave me another 10% increase, so in total, I got a 26% pay increase!”

“I had been a team leader before, but never before in a high-end professional setting,” Alfieri shares. “So my independent training and my previous knowledge helped get me the position.”

Alfieri’s story mirrors that of many ITU Online Training students looking to save money while pursuing the quickest path to IT career advancement. The 2020 pandemic proved that students more than ever need to be able to train remotely and that time is ultimately our greatest resource in life. ITU Online Training is proud to be a pioneer in on-demand IT training and will continue to provide students with accessible training options.

ITU delivers a standard for quality by employing the best leaders in the IT field to create award-winning training courses. ITU has won four Best in Biz Awards, including Company of the Year, Fastest Growing Company of the Year, Creative Department of the Year, and Most Innovative Company of the Year. They are also nominated for two Cybersecurity Excellence Awards in 2021.

These awards solidify what ITU’s students already come to expect – the best practical knowledge at an amazing price point. Learn more by calling (855) 488-5327 or visit Shop Hot Deals

The case study conducted, written, and edited by Amanda Rosenblatt, the Marketing Specialist at ITU Online Training.

New Azure (AZ-900) IT Training Course from ITU Online Training — ITU Online Training is pleased to announce that their new Azure AZ-900 training course is now available. This Cloud-centric course is taught by Robert “Rob” Hales, an Army Veteran who has been instructing in the IT training field for over a year. His experience with Microsoft spans over the past three years, but his decade of service in the military is where he gained his passion for and experience in the IT field.

The course is great beginner-level learning for IT career seekers to understand what the Cloud is, as well as for mid-career IT professionals who want to learn about Azure. Specific modules review the architecture of Microsoft Azure as a Cloud platform, networking/CDN, solutions, virtual machines, storage, administration, service level agreements, and more.

“I don’t care if you’ve never heard of a computer before, or if you’ve been working in IT for a while,” the animated instructor Hales says in the course introduction. “I’m going to show you how Azure works – I want you to see how it works first-hand.”

The course will build familiarity in working with Azure, as well as preparing students for the AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals Exam. Those who gain this certification will be able to demonstrate that they can plan for and deploy an Azure Cloud network, which makes an IT job candidate more desirable to employers as more companies and organizations migrate to the Cloud.

“The key terms in working with the Cloud that you will learn in this course will be latency, customer latency capabilities, agility, operational expenditure, consumption-based model, and capital expenditure,” Hales shares. “I not only want you to see the demos, but I want you to do it yourself.”

ITU Online has won multiple Best in Biz Awards in the past and is currently nominated for the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. With over 660,000 students around the world, the training company seeks to make IT training more understandable, affordable, and accessible for all. Military and front-line workers receive a discount, as well as anyone experiencing hardships due to COVID, is encouraged to ask about payment flexibility.

“You will commonly see Azure in Top 10 lists and other shortlists of the most common Cloud networks on the market,” says Carrie Cameron, CEO of ITU Online Training. “I like to call the Power Triangle of IT training for anyone starting in the field being comprised of Azure AZ-900, MTA 98-366 Networking Fundamentals, and Linux+ XK0-004.”