No matter your career path,  no matter what stage of life you are in, the ITU Lifetime training library is an investment for the future. 

No other IT training company offers you so much for such a low price and no other training company has a lifetime, pay once, never have to buy IT training again option.  With this library, you get all new and future updated courses added to your library at no additional cost.

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2496 Hours
of Training


229 Full-length


12258 Course


19507 Prep
Test Questions


Lifetime - Access Never Expires

IT training has commonly been offered from traditional colleges or universities, via monthly on-demand subscriptions, or gathered for free across the internet while side-stepping advertisements and hoping the information found is reliable. To create the most affordable and flexible training tool for students, ITU Online Training premiered their Lifetime Library program in 2020. 

Students pay one price and have IT training for life. With time, all IT certifications change, so having access to an eLearning LMS where future course upgrades are included for free is incredibly valuable to students. Each course comes with a progress tracker, a note taking section with a save function, and a practice exam. 

Students can learn valuable IT skills and prepare for their certification exams while shedding extra worries. No worrying about monthly payments, having to register for separate courses, or stressing if they can make training work with their schedule. Whether for entering the IT field or for career advancement, any student can pay once and get IT training forever.  

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