New Cybersecurity Analyst CompTIA CySA+ Training Course Released from ITU Online Training

On-demand course for mid-career cybersecurity professionals released. CySA+ CS0-002 confirms job candidates can identify and combat information vulnerabilities. — ITU Online Announces new CySA+ CompTIA Cybersecurity Training Course

ITU Online Training, nominated for two Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, is pleased to announce their release of the new CompTIA CySA+ CS0-002 course.

The Cybersecurity Analyst+ course is taught by John Abueg, a retired Army Veteran who is now a Technical Trainer for military and government students. His certifications include Network+, Security+, CySA+, CASP+, CISSP, and CFR.

“Obtaining [the] CySA+ verifies that successful candidates have the knowledge and skills required to leverage intelligence and threat detection techniques,” Abueg states at the introduction of the course. The certification also shows that students can “analyze and interpret data, identify and address vulnerabilities, suggest preventative measures, and lastly, effectively respond to and recover from incidents.”

“The biggest difference between this certification and the other CompTIA certifications is that this focuses on being a little more technical,” Abueg shares in an interview between filming courses. “There is a lot more focus on knowing the tools, being able to read outputs and screen captures, being able to grab information from that.”

The CySA+ certification is beneficial for a number of cybersecurity professionals. Such positions are Security Analyst (Tier 2 SOC or Security Monitoring), Threat Intelligence Analyst, Security Engineer, Application Security Analyst, Incident Response/Handler, Compliance Analyst, Threat Hunter, and related job titles.

Students who have studied for PenTest, ethical hacking, or any course of study related to cybersecurity will benefit from CySA+ IT training. Students can take their experience and use it in multiple industries, such as corporations, the military, and other organizations.

This course prepares you for the only existing CySA+ certification exam available currently. The course is also recommended for candidates who have four or more years of security or related IT experience, as well as some knowledge of Network+, Security+, or equivalent familiarity.

“With ransomware and other cyber threats on the rise, cybersecurity professionals are more important than ever,” says Carrie Cameron, the CEO of ITU Online Training. “The US Bureau of Labor Statistics also shows that jobs in this sector will grow anywhere from 10.4% to 31.2%, depending on the position.”

This new cybersecurity training course is available individually, or as part of the training company’s CompTIA learning bundle. While this course alone is over 14 hours of learning content, the bundle of courses gives students over 230 hours of training content.

It is also worth mentioning that this certification is approved by the Department of Defense. ITU Online proudly offers military and front line worker discounts, and encourages these prospective students to contact us about starting or continuing their cybersecurity training.

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