ITU Online Releases New HTML & CSS Course

ITU Online Training, the leaders in IT Technology Training with over 650,000 students worldwide, recently released a new
HTML 5 and CCS3 training course. The latest course includes 16 hours of training, 99-course videos, and 102 test questions.
In addition, this course also offers 28 practice flashcards and HTML practice files for students, making it a very comprehensive and extensive course.

The HTML5 and CCS3 course is taught by Richard Raney who has more than 37 years of experience and has earned many Cisco
certifications for Networking. Raney earned his master’s degree of Science in Information Technology for Business
Intelligence and currently serves as an Adjunct Professor for a community college.

This course was designed to provide students with the knowledge of these languages to help them create web pages that
are easy to read and appealing to users. As students progress through the course, the content will lay the foundation
for mastering these two popular web publishing technologies and also focus on the new and advanced features of HTML5,
covering how to create HTML5 and CSS3 markup that will work well on the widest possible variety of web browsers, mobile
devices, and machine readers, such as search engine web crawlers. The course also demonstrates how to use advanced HTML5
multimedia features such as video, audio, and animation.

Carrie Cameron, CEO and President of ITU Online said, “HTML5 and CSS3 are some of the most integral and evolving web
technologies that enable you to structure content and present it on the web. This is a must-have course for beginner to
intermediate web developers and those experienced developers who wish to view and practice new HTML5 and CSS3 elements.”

About ITU Online Training

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