ITU Online Announces New Linux XK0-004 (CompTIA Linux+) Training Course – On-Demand Linux Training

ITU Online Training, nominated for two Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, is pleased to announce their release of the new Linux+ XK0-004 training course.

This Linux course is taught by Frank Schmidt, a Senior Instructor with over two decades of experience and a longtime holder of Linux certifications.

This course is geared towards IT professionals whose primary job function is the management of servers and other devices running via the Linux operating system. While the instructor recommends that a student in this course should have at least nine months of hands-on Linux experience or more than one year of IT experience in other computing environments, ITU Online feels the course is also well-suited for beginners.

This IT training course will teach students about performing basic Linux tasks, such as how to manage users, groups, permissions, ownership, storage, files, directories, and devices. They will also learn about Kernel modules, as well as the Linux boot process and system components.

Other components of the course include securing Linux systems and automating tasks. Students will also learn to write and execute Bash shell scripts and ultimately, Linux installation.

“One thing that will be different for some folks is that this is command-line based,” Schmidt states at the beginning of the course. “Its going to be a bit of syntax, a bit of accuracy in the typing, and it’s also going to be learning a new layout of how you speak with the shell, with the command interpreter.”

Knowing Linux is crucial for cybersecurity professionals and for other in-demand IT training fields. Because Linux is open source, it is prominent in global technology, found in servers, workstations, mainframes, supercomputers, mobile devices, PCs, and embedded systems. The instructor even states that Linux is the “most deployed operating system,” and other information that is crucial to students.

“Embedded systems are the computers we don’t hear about, but if you’re familiar with the term IoT, the Internet of Things, think of all the little sensors out there monitoring the atmosphere, traffic, keeping track of where you happen to be,” Schmidt shares with students in the course. “All of these things feed data into some sort of Cloud storage where they can predict things, like ‘where is the nearest McDonalds?’ for instance.”

This new Linux training course is available individually, or as part of the training company’s CompTIA learning bundle. While this course alone is over 24 hours of learning content, the bundle of courses gives students over 230 hours of training content.

“Due to Linux being such a common OS, it becomes a more easily accessible tool for hackers,” Carrie Cameron, CEO of ITU Online says. “Any serious cybersecurity professional should seek out certifications in Linux+ and the PenTest, plus having fundamental certifications in both networking and the Cloud.”

ITU Online offers military and front line worker discounts to thank them for their service – they can contact the training company directly to qualify. ITU Online Training also offers a Lifetime Library where students pay once for all present and future training, which is groundbreaking for the IT eLearning field.

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