How to Get An IT Job With No Experience

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We often get this question from those seeking IT certifications – how do I get an IT job with no experience? Now only is beginning this career path is easier than you think, but the training can be balanced daily.

A transition into IT careers due to career shifts or turning tech enthusiast hobbies into a living is very common. We recently got to speak to someone working in the field of IT to see what one person’s career path can look like.

The essentials to remember when gaining your initial experience for an IT job:

  • Start with Information Technology Fundamentals if you have no prior experience to make sure that this is the field you want to pursue.
  • Companies have basic standards/requirements for certain positions.
  • Level of education or “experience in place of” that a potential employer is looking for, plus any accreditation needed, can work in your favor.
  • Do you need to be familiar with coding or advanced math to work in IT? No – these skills are more relevant and elective in nature when seeking advanced IT careers.
  • Landing an interview for an IT job with no IT experience/education is often achieved with a minimum of a CompTIA A+ certification.
  • IT apprenticeships are on the rise, so this is a sign that barriers to entry into the field are lowering across the board in order to find IT talent.

We recently spoke to Glenn M., an IT specialist in Maryland, who has been working his way up the information technology ladder. Here is an abbreviated version of his path to an IT career:

  • Started as a cashier at Best Buy after high school – his love of PC gaming piqued his interest in the field of IT
  • Moved up to work with GeekSquad as a Double Agent, then Geek Squad management 
  • Took CompTIA certification classes while in GeekSquad for A+, Network+, then Cisco CCNA
  • Eventually went back to CompTIA studies for Security+ in order to further his career advancement
  • Got married and had two kids, as well as moving from New England to Maryland
  • Hired as a Help Desk Specialist for a Credit Union
  • Completed Security+
  • Was hired as a Service Desk Manager in a Government position
  • Currently working on a Bachelors Degree with a concentration in IT for further career advancement

Ready to prepare for your dream IT job? We have many entry-level courses of study you can start with. Otherwise, we have advisors who can help you create a path of study to get you on your way. Call (855) 488-5327 or email for more information.

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