COVID-19 Update from ITU Online CEO

At ITUONLINE.COM, we realize the changes companies are having to implement during these challenging times. When I first entered the training industry 23 years ago, our goal was to provide the highest level of IT training at the most cost-effective pricing in the industry. With many employees or individual students working from home, our eLearning courses are pre-configured so that those who take our courses can learn safely from home. We have advisors, customer service, and other essential staff at ITU assisting students without pause to services. Some are working from home, but most are here in the office, where we are enforcing social distancing, masks, temperature taking, and other safety measures within our headquarters during the pandemic.

Our mission today remains the same. Unlike many eLearning course providers, we have always been committed to giving your employees and individual students the same in-depth training they would receive in a live, instructor-led boot camp. In-person classes were a staple back in the day, but with times changing, employers must be creative with how to keep up with constantly changing and emerging technologies. Keeping staff members current with the latest IT trends and topics is vital.

ITU Online has helped thousands of organizations train and develop the skills of their employees. With our team packages, you will be able to train your entire IT workforce with one solution. Whether your goal is to train your employees for implementation or ongoing support or give them the tools they need to achieve industry certifications, we deliver a one-stop training solution.

We offer one-year access for team members or lifetime access. We are the only company in the eLearning space that offers this type of program access. With lifetime access, you will never need to purchase training again for your staff. Lifetime access gives your employees thousands of modules of training on all the latest topics for desktop applications. CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco, cybersecurity, Cloud computing, and project management. Now, our exclusive lifetime access includes all new courses we produce in addition to all version updates to existing content.

ITUONLINE.COM has trained over 662,575 people all over the World. By allowing a 24/7 learning environment with our state-of-the-art Learning Management System, employees receive the knowledge they need to succeed in IT today and for the future. Our LMS administration tools and tracking allows for HR and IT managers to monitor the learning progress of employees and design career path learning objectives unique for team members or groups.

Our online training will increase efficiency in the implementation of new software, reduce technical support costs, and increase productivity with improved employee knowledge. With our employee reassignment program, you will be able to utilize existing memberships and quickly train new employees.

We believe our success is directly tied to the success of our students. We look forward to assisting you and your team in maintaining a strong training program in today’s changing times.

Sincerely -Carrie Cameron, CEO/President

About ITU Online Training

ITU Online Training’s curriculum is built, filmed, and supported in-house via their corporate headquarters outside of Tampa, FL. By using proven educational concepts and sound instructional design principles, ITU creates exceptional courses to provide the best benefits for those in the IT training field.

ITU delivers a standard for quality by employing the best leaders in the IT field to create award-winning training courses. ITU has won four Best in Biz Awards, including Company of the Year, Fastest Growing Company of the Year, Creative Department of the Year, and Most Innovative Company of the Year. They are also nominated for two Cybersecurity Excellence Awards in 2021.

These awards solidify what ITU’s students already come to expect – the best practical knowledge at an amazing price point.