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Social Media Marketing 2020


This course is about utilizing social media platforms for marketing purposes. The course covers details of how to begin a plan for a marketing strategy, including making a client brief, building a target market profile, and developing a competitive analysis. In addition, the instructor will discuss the process of building user personas so that students can use them in marketing scenarios known as use cases.

Key Learning Topics In This Course

How to develop a strong marketing plan that includes market research from both primary and secondary sources
How to build a social media presence that has active followers who produce real returns and truly engage with your brand
Methods of how to create engaging imagery, live videos, and video posts will be covered as well
Details of proper image composition using the rule of thirds, resolution, and file formats
Using correct lighting for proper exposure and color balancing
Analytics in order to determine what content is working well, and others that are not
Proper keywords, search terms, hashtags, and other data needed in order to direct the right traffic to your social media accounts
Automation and how to keep posts coming out regularly and to never feel stale and recycled

Course Outline

Module 1: Social Media Marketing
  •  Course Intro
  •  How to Utilize Social Media
  •  Client Briefs
  •  Target Markets
  •  Personas Pt 1
  •  Personas Pt 2
  •  Personas Pt 3
  •  Competitive Analysis Pt 1
  •  Competitive Analysis Pt 2
  •  Competitive Analysis Pt 3
Module 2: Social Media Marketing
  •  What is the Right Content for You
  •  Images Pt 1
  •  Images Pt 2
  •  Images Pt 3
  •  Images Pt 4
  •  Images Pt 5
  •  Video Pt 1
  •  Video Pt 2
  •  Video Pt 3
  •  Video Pt 4
  •  Live Videos and Engagement Pt 1
  •  Live Videos and Engagement Pt 2
Module 3: Social Media Marketing
  •  What are Analytics and How to Use Them
  •  Free Analytic Tools Available
  •  Paid Services to Consider Pt 1
  •  Paid Services to Consider Pt 2
  •  Finding the Right Hashtags
  •  What is Automation
  •  How to Best Use Automation
  •  Course Outro
Social Media Marketing 2020

8 Hours 30 Minutes

29 Course Videos

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