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Marketing Tools and Tips for Success


In this course, students will learn all about the various marketing tools used in the field of marketing and tips for success.  Including, but not limited to tools like Bitly, Woobox, HootSuite, Storify, Social Media and more.

What you will learn:

This course includes 2 hours of instruction and 20 videos.  Throughout the course you will learn how to build relationships with the media, create a crisis management plan, establish a social media manager, creating your own personal voice and all of the various aspects of HootSuite and Bitly.

Course Outline

Marketing Tools and Tips for Success
  •  Determine Your Goals
  •  Create Your Persona Or Voice
  •  Decide On Your Platforms
  •  Establishing A Social Media Manager
  •  Coordinate With Customer Service
  •  Create A Predetermined Crisis Management Plan
  •  Stick To The Script
  •  Building Relationships With The Media
  •  Find Your Evangelist
  •  Stay Informed Part 1
  •  Stay Informed Part 2
  •  Bitly
  •  Woobox Part 1
  •  Woobox Part 2
  •  HootSuite Part 1
  •  HootSuite Part 2
  •  Storify
  •  Social Media Rules And Tips
  •  Social Media Conclusion
  •  Tweetdeck-Boolean Search
Marketing Tools and Tips for Success

1 Hour 52 Minutes

20 Course Videos

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