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Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)


This course is in preparation for the PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP) exam. PMI’s Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP) credential is a solution to project management’s increasing growth, complexity, and diversity. This is based off of the 6th Edition of the PMBOK.

Globally recognized and demanded, the PMI-RMP fills the need for a specialist role in project risk management. This certification recognizes the professional’s unique expertise and competency in assessing and identifying project risks, mitigating threats, and capitalizing on opportunities, while still possessing a core knowledge and practical application in all areas of project management.

Gaining distinction as a PMI-RMP® set you apart from other professionals and brings credit to your organization.

Key Learning Topics In This Course

How to identify and assess project risks
Mitigate threats and capitalize on opportunities to enhance and protect the needs of your organization
Risk Management Concepts
Risk Management Environment
Project Definition
Risk Management Planning
Risk Identification
Qualitative Risk Analysis
Quantitative Risk Analysis
Risk Response Planning
Risk Monitoring And Controlling

Course Outline

Module 1: Risk Management Fundamentals
  •  Instructor Intro
  •  Course Intro
  •  Risk Management Fundamentals Pt 1
  •  Risk Management Fundamentals Pt 2
Module 2: Test Requirements
  •  Test Requirements
Module 3: Test Domains
  •  Test Domains Pt 1
  •  Test Domains Pt 2
Module 4: Risk Strategy and Planning
  •  Risk Strategy and Planning Pt 1
  •  Risk Strategy and Planning Pt 2
Module 5: Stakeholder Engagement
  •  Stakeholder Engagement Pt 1
  •  Stakeholder Engagement Pt 2
  •  Stakeholder Engagement Pt 3
  •  Stakeholder Engagement Pt 4
Module 6: Risk Process Facilitation
  •  Risk Monitoring and Reporting Pt 1
  •  Risk Monitoring and Reporting Pt 2
  •  Risk Monitoring and Reporting Pt 3
Module 7: Risk Monitoring and Reporting
  •  Risk Monitoring and Reporting Pt 1
  •  Risk Monitoring and Reporting Pt 2
  •  Risk Monitoring and Reporting Pt 3
Module 8: Specialized Risk Analyses
  •  Specialized Risk Analyses Pt 1
  •  Specialized Risk Analyses Pt 2
  •  Specialized Risk Analyses Pt 3
Module 9: RMP Recap
  •  RMP Recap
Module 10: RMP Review Questions
  •  RMP Review Questions Pt 1
  •  RMP Review Questions Pt 2
  •  RMP Review Questions Pt 3
  •  RMP Review Questions Pt 4
  •  RMP Review Questions Pt 5
Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)

8 Hours 45 Minutes

27 Course Videos

100 Test Questions

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