Microsoft 70-487: Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services


This course will help students prepare for the Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services certification. The 70-487 Certification is intended for developers with 3 to 5 years’ experience in web services development and a minimum of one year in Web API and Azure Solutions experience.

Key Learning Topics In This Course

How to design and develop services that access local and remote data from various sources
how to develop and deploy services to hybrid environments on-premises servers and Microsoft Azure

Course Outline

Module 1: Accessing Data
  •  Introduction To 70 - 487 Developing Microsoft Azure And Web Services
  •  Overview Of Service And Cloud Technologies
  •  Accessing Data Using ADO Dot NET Part1
  •  Accessing Data Using ADO Dot NET Part2
  •  Accessing Data From Web Service
  •  SQL Server Database In Azure
  •  Read And Write XML Data
  •  Implementing Azure Storage
  •  Managing Azure PowerShell
  •  WCF Data Services Part1
  •  WCF Data Services Part2
  •  WCF With Client
Module 2: Designing And Implementing WCF Services
  •  Create WCF Service And Client From Scratch Part1
  •  Create WCF Service And Client From Scratch Part2
  •  WCF Configuration Settings Part1
  •  WCF Configuration Settings Part2
  •  WCF And Azure SQL Database Part1
  •  WCF And Azure SQL Database Part2
  •  WCF And Azure SQL Database Part3
  •  WCF Services And Azure Review
Module 3: Querying And Manipulating Data Using Entity Framework
  •  Design And Implement An ERD
  •  Introduction To Entity Framework
  •  Introduction To LINQ
  •  LINQ To SQL
  •  LINQ To Entities
  •  Introduction To Lambda Expressions
  •  Introduction To Entity SQL
  •  Profiling Queries Created By Entity Framework
  •  Query Projections
  •  Query With Navigation Properties
  •  Bringing It All Together Part1
  •  Bringing It All Together Part2
  •  Using Entity Framework From Scratch
  •  Entity Framework Review
Module 4: Creating And Consuming Web API Based Services
  •  Introduction To Web API
  •  First Web API App
  •  Web API App Enhanced
  •  Web API App Extended
  •  Web API Using Standard Conventions
  •  Debugging Our Web API App
  •  Getting Data From Database In Web API App
  •  Web API Standards
  •  More On Web API Standards
  •  Simple Web API CRUD App
  •  Web API Example In Depth
  •  Summarizing Web API
Module 5: Deploying Web Applications And Services
  •  Introduction To Application Deployment Strategies Part1
  •  Introduction To Application Deployment Strategies Part2
  •  Introduction To Application Deployment Strategies Part3
  •  Introduction To Application Deployment Strategies Part4
  •  Deploying Web Applications ToIIs
  •  Deploying Web Applications To Azure
  •  Deployment Considerations
  •  Deployment Design
  •  Deployment Configurations
Module 6: Course Review
  •  Accessing Data
  •  Web Front End Options
  •  Course Conclusion
Microsoft 70-487: Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services

15 Hours 29 Minutes

32 Course Videos

100 Test Questions

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