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Windows 10 Power User


With Windows 10 just being released, students that can obtain these certifications will have a considerable advantage in the marketplace as companies start to migrate over to Microsoft's new OS. Microsoft is expecting to put Windows 10 on over a billion devices.

Windows 10 contains many new features that have revolutionized Microsoft's platform. The start button is back, more security has been added, a new browser has been integrated and Microsoft has even added their voice-based personal assistant, Cortana. This ITU course bundle includes two courses that will allow students to master Windows 10.

The first course is a Microsoft Windows 10 Power User course, which will teach students the most efficient uses of the Windows 10 platform. This will give students a considerable advantage over those that are using Windows 10 without any training.

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Course Outline

Module 1: Getting Started With Windows 10
  •  Introduction
  •  First Steps
  •  Navigating The Desktop
  •  Using Cortana To Search
Module 2: Using File Explorer
  •  File Explorer
  •  Understanding File And Folder Basics
  •  Work With Libraries
  •  Creating A Home Group
Module 3: Using Windows Applications
  •  Opening And Using Applications
  •  Installing New Applications From The Windows Store
  •  Using Default Applications
Module 4: Browsing the Web With Microsoft Edge
  •  Examining The Edge Window
  •  Searching The Web With Edge
  •  Bookmarking Important Sites
  •  Using The Reading List
  •  Marking A Page With Web Notes
  •  Conclusion
Module 5: Customizing Windows
  •  Introduction
  •  Customizing The Display
  •  Customizing File Explorer
  •  Configuring Cortanas Notebook Feature
  •  Customizing Privacy Settings
  •  Customizing Microsoft Edge
Module 6: Connecting Devices And Devices
  •  Connecting Printers
  •  Connecting And Using A Flash Drive
  •  Connect A Phone
Module 7: Managing User Accounts
  •  Create Additional Users
  •  Understanding User Profiles
  •  Sharing Data Between Profiles
Module 8: Backing Up Important Data
  •  Using File History
  •  Using Windows Backup
  •  Using System Restore
Module 9: Maintaining Windows
  •  Windows Updates
  •  Working With The Action Center
  •  Using Disk Defragmenter
  •  Managing Storage And Apps Using Settings
  •  Conclusion
Module 10: Protecting Windows
  •  Introduction
  •  Using Windows Defender
  •  Using Windows Firewall
  •  Using Bit Locker
  •  Windows Hello
Module 11: Monitoring Performance
  •  Using Task Manager
  •  Using Resource Monitor
Module 12: Working With Control Panel And Settings
  •  Control Panel Part 1
  •  Control Panel Part 2
  •  Settings App
  •  Using Device Manager
  •  Using Remote Desktop
  •  Conclusion
Windows 10 Power User

6 Hours 16 Minutes

50 Total Videos

60 Test Questions

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