Microsoft Outlook 2013 Training


This course provides training for basic, intermediate, and advanced features of Microsoft Outlook 2013 software. Microsoft Outlook 2013 organizes the users' emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, and to-do lists, all in one place. Outlook features are linked with the users' email account, and from there, the user can start working with emails, turning them into tasks or appointments, and storing the people they interact with into their contacts.

Microsoft Outlook 2013 offers premium business and personal e-mail management tools to more than 500 million Microsoft Office users worldwide. With the release of Outlook 2013, users get a richer set of experiences to meet their communication needs at work, home, and school.

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Course Outline

Outlook 2013 Basic
  •  Introduction To Outlook
  •  Understanding Email Setting Outlook
  •  Configuring Interface-Part1
  •  Configuring Interface-Part2
  •  Email Window-Part1
  •  Email Window-Part2
  •  Managing The Inbox
  •  Using The Calendar-Part1
  •  Using The Calendar-Part2
  •  Contacts-Part1
  •  Contacts-Part2
  •  Task List
Outlook 2013 Intermediate
  •  Adding An Account From Scratch
  •  Multiple Email Accounts In One Window
  •  Searching For Mail
  •  Managing The Folders Views In Inbox
  •  Using Priority And Receipts
  •  Calendars
  •  Contacts-Part1
  •  Contacts-Part2
Outlook 2013 Advanced
  •  Mail Part 1 Auto-Replies
  •  Mail Part 2 Signatures
  •  Views and Options Part 1
  •  Views and Options Part 2
  •  Calendar Part 1
  •  Calendar Part 2
  •  Calendar Options
  •  Contacts
  •  Contacts Options
  •  Advanced Options Part 1
  •  Advanced Options Part 2
Microsoft Outlook 2013 Training

5 Hours 7 Minutes

31 Course Videos

56 Test Questions

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