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Wine Making

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Our Wine Making course will teach you everything that you need to know about how you can make your own amazing wine in the comfort of your own home. Master wine maker Todd York will take you step by step through the process so that you can make wine like the masters. Todd has a WSET Level 3 Certification under Wine & Spirits Education Trust and over a decade of experience in Napa Valley, California. Todd is working on Mastery of Wine Certification; the highest level recognized under Wine & Spirits Education Trust. Currently, there are only 24 Wine Masters in the U.S. and 225 world wide. With Todd’s instructions, you will have the opportunity to learn from an experienced wine maker on the correct ingredients to use for a unique tasting wine, the equipment needed and the overall process of wine making. There is also a wine mixing and food pairing section in this course. Cheers!

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Course Outline

Wine Making
  •  Course Instructor Introduction
  •  Supplies And Ingredients Needed
  •  Cleaning And Prepping Equipment
  •  Chemicals Processing Aids And Oaks-Part 1
  •  Chemicals Processing Aids And Oaks-Part 2
  •  Wine Kits And Making Watermelon White Merlot
  •  Making Watermelon White Merlot-Part 2
  •  Making Amarone
  •  Apple Cider Wine
  •  Degassing Wine-Part 1
  •  Degassing Wine-Part 2
  •  Degassing Wine-Part 3
  •  Adding More Ingredients To You Wine
  •  Gentle Punch Down And Degassing Of Amarone
  •  Reracking The Amarone
Wine Mixing And Food Pairing
  •  Different Wine Varietals-Part 1
  •  Different Wine Varietals-Part 2
  •  Hydrometer
  •  Wine Yeast
  •  Wine Blending And Food Pairing-Part 1
  •  Wine Blending And Food Pairing-Part 2
  •  Bottling The Apple Cider Wine
  •  Conclusion
Wine Making

4 Hours 34 Minutes

23 Course Videos

54 Test Questions

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