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Cooking with Children

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Preparing food has been a basic need since the beginning of time and cooking is an activity that is second nature to most of us. After all, every human should be able to just walk in a kitchen and prepare a good meal. Well, that not the case, preparing wholesome meals are not as simple as it looks. In this Cooking with Children course, it will teach the basic principles of safety, sanitation, equipment, and how to prepare great meals that children will love and have fun preparing. Adults and children will learn how to prepare pasta, pizza, chicken tenders, tacos, stir-fried rice, noodles, and even learn how to bake cookies. This course is fun and informative and provides recipes and all instructions to successfully prepare meals from start to finish.

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Course Outline

Module 1
  •  Intro - preparing pizza dough
  •  Preparing stuffing dough
  •  Preparing pasta dough
  •  Making noodles prt1
  •  Making noodles prt2
  •  Checking the dough and making pizza
  •  Baking the pizza
  •  Stuffing dough
  •  Baking dough
  •  Pasta - sauces
  •  Marinara Vodka etc
Module 2
  •  Preparing French Fries
  •  Chicken Tenders
  •  Chicken Chips Lollipops prt1
  •  Chicken Chips Lollipops prt2
  •  Mini Beef Tacos and Lasagna
  •  Mini Chicken Tacos
  •  Stir Fried Rice
  •  Meatloaf cupcakes and garnish tocas
  •  Shortbread Vanilla Sugar Cookies
  •  Desert pizza and mash potato topping
  •  Eggless cookie dough
  •  Decorating cookies and conclusion
Cooking with Children

4 Hours 16 Minutes

23 Course Videos

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