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Baking Cupcakes

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This mastering cupcakes course will teach the fundamentals of preparation from scratch, different types of cupcakes, flavorings, colors, icing, decorating tips, fondant, and basic items made in a bakery. Other topics include tools and equipment used, the proper use of them, baking terminology, ingredients, and kitchen safety. Upon completing this course, the student will be able to successfully bake delicious cupcakes.

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Course Outline

Module 1
  •  Introduction
  •  Vanilla cupcake
  •  Measuring Ingredient and adding complete mix to cups
  •  Oven process
  •  Butter Cream Icing and ingredients
  •  Icing the cupcakes
  •  Custom Sprinkles
  •  More designs
  •  Basic Vanilla cupcakes completed
Module 2
  •  Chocolate Cupcakes
  •  Rose Wine Cupcake
  •  Baking Temps etc
  •  Preparing Fondant
  •  Practicing writing design
  •  More writing designs
  •  Fondant designs
  •  Fondant designs prt 2
  •  Royal icing flowers
  •  Icing the cupcakes
  •  Adding the Fondant to the cupcakes
  •  Making a Cupcake Cake
  •  Tips and Tricks
Baking Cupcakes

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