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DIY Home Improvement Basics


Tired of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars for common repairs around your home? Our home improvement courses will enable you to develop the skills you need to tackle any home repair or enhancement project. Our courses are convenient, affordable and flexible, with step by step video instructions to simplify even the trickiest tasks. Learn at your own pace and get ready to “do it yourself”! Topics covered include: Drywall Repair, Shelving, Window Safety Locks, Window Blinds, Door Stop, Bi-Fold Closet Doors, Interior Doorknob, Exterior Doorknob and Deadbolt, Door Weather Stripping, Light Fixture, Ceiling fan, Light Switch, Unclogging a Sink Drain, Bathroom Faucet, Toilet, Laminate Flooring, Learn basic concepts of preparation, measuring, safety and tool operations and get ready to improve your home one room at a time.

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Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Course and Tools
  •  Introduction To The DIY Home Improvement Basics
  •  Hand Tools
  •  Power Tools
Module 2: Drywall Repair
  •  Wall Preparation And Compound Application
  •  Sanding And Primer Application
  •  Painting
Module 3: Shelving
  •  How To Install Basic Shelf
Module 4: Window Safety Locks
  •  How To Install Basic Window Safety Locks
Module 5: Window Blinds
  •  Removing Existing Blinds
  •  Installing New Blinds
Module 6: Door Stop
  •  How To Install Basic Door Stop
Module 7: Bi-Fold Closet Doors
  •  How To Replace Bi-Fold Closet Doors
Module 8: Interior Doorknob
  •  How To Replace An Interior Door Knob
Module 9: Exterior Doorknob and Deadbolt
  •  Introduction To Exterior Doorknob And Deadbolt
  •  Replacing The Deadbolt And Door Knob
  •  Replacing The Strike Plates
Module 10: Door Weather Stripping
  •  How To Replace Weather Stripping On An Exterior Door
Module 11: Light Fixture
  •  How To Replace A Light Fixture
Module 12: Ceiling fan
  •  Removing An Existing Ceiling Fan
  •  Installing A New Ceiling Fan
  •  Installing A Light On The Ceiling Fan
Module 13: Light Switch
  •  How To Replace A Basic Light Switch
Module 14: Unclogging a Sink Drain
  •  Introduction To Unclogging A Sink Drain
  •  How To Remove Or Replace The Under-Sink Plumbing Trap
Module 15: Garbage Disposal
  •  Removing The Exisiting Garbage Disposal
  •  Replacing The Sink Flange And Mounting Hardware
  •  Wiring
  •  Attaching The New Garbage Disposal
Module 16: Bathroom Faucet
  •  Introduction To Bathroom Faucets
  •  Installing A New Bathroom Faucet
  •  Connecting The Water Supply To Faucet
Module 17: Toilet
  •  Preparing The Toilet Flange
  •  Setting The New Toilet In Place
  •  Connecting The Water Supply To Toilet
Module 18: Laminate Flooring
  •  Introduction To Laminate Flooring
  •  Removing The Existing Flooring
  •  Preparing The Door Jambs
  •  Transition Molding Layout
  •  Underlayment-Part1
  •  Underlayment-Part2
  •  Laminate Flooring Layout
  •  Cutting The Floor
  •  Installing The Flooring-Part1
  •  Cutting Around The Door Jambs
  •  Installing Around Doorways
  •  Marketing Transition Molding
  •  Installing The Flooring-Part2
  •  Final Row Installation
  •  Installing The Transition Molding
  •  Installing Quarter-Round Trim
Module 19: Conclusion
  •  Conclusion
DIY Home Improvement Basics

2 Hours 35 Minutes

51 Course Videos

53 Test Questions