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Our cooking course has all the ingredients you need to start learning how to cook. Students can even learn the fundamentals of starting a catering business of their own. This in-depth course covers a variety of professional food preparation techniques. One thing is certain: at the end of your efforts you will be sitting down at your tables to relax and enjoy a delicious meal created by you while you bask in your sense of accomplishment and good will.

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Course Outline

Module 1: Intro
  •  Introduction
Module 2: Wonton
  •  Wonton
Module 3: Tomato Basil
  •  Tomato Basil
Module 4: Ricotta Gnocchi
  •  Ricotta Nyoki
Module 5: Potato Gnocchi
  •  Potato Nyoki
Module 6: Pizza Tart
  •  Pizza Tart
Module 7: Pesto
  •  Pesto
Module 8: Potato Pancakes
  •  Potato Pancakes
Module 9: Crostini
  •  Crostini
Module 10: Fish Chowder
  •  Fish Chowder
Module 11: Fritters
  •  Fritters
Module 12: Risotto
  •  Risotto
Module 13: Risotto Cakes
  •  Risotto Cakes
Module 14: Spanakopita
  •  Spanakopita
Module 15: Vegetable Puree Soup
  •  Vegetable Puree Soup
Module 16: Corn Chowder
  •  Corn Chowder
Module 17: Tempura
  •  Tempura
Module 18: Panko Crusted Chicken
  •  Panko Crusted Chicken
Module 19: Pork Tenderloin
  •  Pork Tenderloin
Module 20: Potato Crusted Salmon
  •  Potato Crusted Salmon
Module 21: Grilled Veggies
  •  Grilled Veggies-Part1
  •  Grilled Veggies-Part2
  •  Grilled Veggies-Part3
Module 22: Veggie Risotto
  •  Veggie Risotto-Part1
  •  Veggie Risotto-Part2
  •  Veggie Risotto-Part3
Module 23: Outro
  •  Conclusion

3 hours 43 Minutes

27 Course Videos