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CompTIA Cloud Admin Professional (CCAP)


The CompTIA CCAP is a stackable certification by CompTIA. It is designed for IT professionals with 2 to 5 years of experience. The ITU Certification Path for the CompTIA CCAP certification consists of the learning materials to allow you to study for and pass the CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Cloud+ exams. The two courses contained in this path are:

About The Exams for CompTIA CCAP

For the CompTIA Network+ certification, you must pass the following exam.

For CompTIA Cloud+ certification, you are required to pass one exam:

Important Note: The current CompTIA Cloud+ courses provided by ITU does not cover the updated exam provided by CompTIA. Using our CompTIA Cloud+ courses for the intent of meeting exam objectives is not currently recommended but remains a valuable learning resource for learning the foundation needed for certification.

Upon successfully passing the applicable exams provided by CompTIA, you will earn the CCAP certification badge.

For more information on CompTIA Stackable Certifications, visit the CompTIA website. Pricing charged by CompTIA varies by exam. For details on current pricing, visit CompTIA Pricing on their website.

Course Outline

Module 1
  •  Introduction
  •  Models-Part 1
  •  Models-Part 2
  •  Service And Delivery Models
  •  Terms And Characteristics
  •  Objects Storage Concepts
Module 2
  •  Virtualization
  •  Install Configure Manage VM And Devices
  •  Backups
  •  Virtual Disks
  •  Virtual Switches
  •  Virtual Resource Migration
  •  Benefits Of Virtualization In A Cloud Environment
  •  Compare And Contrast Virtua lEnvironment
Module 3
  •  Infrastructure
  •  Different Access Protocols
  •  Explain Storage Configuration
  •  File Systems Types
  •  Executing Storage Provisioning
  •  Network Share Demo
  •  Implement Appropriate Network Configurations
  •  Importance Of Network Optimization
  •  Troubleshoot Basic Network Configuration-Part 1
  •  Troubleshoot Basic Network Configuration-Part 2
  •  Troubleshoot Commands-Part 1
  •  Troubleshoot Commands-Part 2
  •  Troubleshoot Commands-Part 3
  •  Explain Common Network Protocols
  •  Common Hardware Resources
Module 4
  •  Resource Management-Part 1
  •  Resource Management-Part 2
  •  Establishing Baselines And Thresholds
  •  Appropriately Allocate Physical Host Resources-Part 1
  •  Appropriately Allocate Physical Host Resources-Part 2
  •  Appropriately Allocate Virtual Guest Resources-Part 1
  •  Appropriately Allocate Virtual Guest Resources-Part 2
  •  Use Appropriate Tools For Remote Access
Module 5
  •  Security-Part 1
  •  Security-Part 2
  •  Storage Security Concepts And Methods
  •  Different Encryption Technologies
  •  Identify Access Control Methods
Module 6
  •  Systems Management-Part 1
  •  Systems Management-Part 2
  •  Diagnose Remediate And Optimize-Part 1
  •  Diagnose Remediate And Optimize-Part 2
  •  Common Performance Concepts-Part 1
  •  Common Performance Concepts-Part 2
  •  Testing Techniques
Module 7
  •  Business Continuity In Cloud-Part 1
  •  Business Continuity In Cloud-Part 2
  •  Solutions To Meet Availability Requirements
  •  Conclusion
CompTIA Cloud Admin Professional (CCAP)

This Certification Path will enable you to study to obtain the CompTIA CCAP designation.

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