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MCSE Server 2012 Certification Bundle


Today’s IT Industry demands that professionals cover the latest technology on the marketplace. Many IT pro’s separate themselves from their competitors by achieving certifications in the most current technologies and giving themselves skill-sets that are unmatched by many of their peers. With this 5 course ITU Bundle, students get certification and skills on the latest Microsoft server technology on the market. ITU has also added a Windows 7 course, allowing students to easily see the changes between the two platforms and excel on both Operating Systems. Server 2012 of Hyper V, a new version of Windows Task Manager, an IP Address Management Role, Windows Store & ARM support just to name a few. Especially in our current economic climate, IT employers demand that applicants have the most current skill-set available. Keeping one’s knowledge base at the cutting edge of technology has never been more important. Take your skills and marketability to the next level and with this ITU Course Bundle.

Course Outline

Module 1: Manage and Maintain a Server Infrastructure
  •  Introduction
  •  Manage And Maintain A Server Infrastructure-Part1
  •  Manage And Maintain A Server Infrastructure-Part2
  •  Design A Monitoring Strategy-Part1
  •  Design A Monitoring Strategy-Part2
  •  Plan And Implement Automated Remediation-Part1
  •  Plan And Implement Automated Remediation-Part2
  •  Plan And Implement Automated Remediation-Part3
Module 2: Plan and Implement a Highly Available Enterprise Infrastructure
  •  Plan And Implement A Highly Available Enterprise Infrastructure-Part1
  •  Plan And Implement A Highly Available Enterprise Infrastructure-Part2
  •  Highly Available Network Services-Part1
  •  Highly Available Network Services-Part2
  •  Plan And Implement Highly Available Storage Solutions-Part1
  •  Plan And Implement Highly Available Storage Solutions-Part2
  •  Plan And Implement Highly Available Roles-Part1
  •  Plan And Implement Highly Available Roles-Part2
  •  Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery Solution
Module 3: Plan and Implement a Server Virtualization Infrastructure
  •  Plan And Implement Virtual Hosts - Part 1
  •  Plan And Implement Virtual Hosts-Part2
  •  Plan And Implement Virtual Machines
  •  Plan And Implement Virtualization Networking-Part1
  •  Plan And Implement Virtualization Networking-Part2
  •  Plan And Implement Virtualization Storage
  •  Plan And Implement Virtual Machine Movement
  •  Manage And Maintain A Server Virtualization Infrastructure
Module 4: Design and Implement Identity and Access Solutions
  •  Design And Implement Identity And Access Solutions-Part1
  •  Design And Implement Identity And Access Solutions-Part2
  •  Implement And Manage Certificates
  •  Design And Implement A Federated Identity Solution
  •  Design And Implement AD Rights Management Services
  •  Conclusion
MCSE Server 2012 Certification Bundle

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