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Infrastructure/Cloud Admin Bundle


Managing infrastructure has taken on a new approach over the years. Companies are moving more and more into server virtualization and cloud infrastructure. This training bundle provides students with a wide array of options and information related to managing server virtualization and/or cloud-based infrastructures. The following 7 courses are included in this training bundle.

  • Microsoft AZ-203: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure
  • VMWare vSphere 6.7 Fundamentals
  • CompTIA Cloud+ CV0-001
  • Cloud Computing Security Knowlege (CCSK)
  • CompTIA Cloud Overview
  • Exin Cloud Computing
  • Microsoft 70-347: Enabling Office 365 Service

This bundle includes more 75 hours of on-demand training and includes test quizzes to help student ensure they are retaining the knowledge being provided in the course content.

Course Outline

Domain 1 - Characteristics of Cloud Services from a Business Perspect
  •  Overview
  •  History
  •  The Three Delivery Model Architecture
  •  SaaS
  •  Justification For Cloud
  •  Confidentiality And Availability
  •  Concepts From NIST
  •  On Demand Self-Service
  •  Broad Network Access
  •  Resource Pooling
  •  Measured Service
  •  Service Models
  •  Terms Of Service
  •  Recommendations
Domain 2 - Cloud Computing and Business Value
  •  Reasons For Cloud-Agility-Part1
  •  Reasons For Cloud-Agility-Part2
  •  New Business Opportunities
Domain 3 - Technical Perspectives/Cloud Types
  •  Technical Perspectives Cloud Types
  •  Sources
  •  Security Risk
  •  Technical Risk And Solutions
Domain 4 - Steps to Successful Adoption of Cloud
  •  Steps To Adopting Cloud-Part1
  •  Steps To Adopting Cloud-Part2
  •  Steps To Adopting Cloud-Part3
Domain 5 - Impact and Changes of Cloud Computing on IT Service Management
  •  Information Security Management System-Part1
  •  Information Security Management System-Part2
Domain 6 - Risks and Consequences of Cloud Computing
  •  Information Management And Security-Part1
  •  Information Management And Security-Part2
  •  The Data Security LifeCycle
  •  Governance
  •  Data Loss Prevention-Part1
  •  Data Loss Prevention-Part2
  •  Protecting Data
  •  Risk Management-Part1
  •  Risk Management-Part2
  •  Risk Management-Part3
  •  Risk Management-Part4
  •  Risk Management-Part5
  •  Recommendations-Part1
  •  Recommendations-Part2
  •  IT Governance
  •  Audit
  •  Recommendations For Audit-Part1
  •  Recommendations For Audit-Part2
Infrastructure/Cloud Admin Bundle

Learn the core elements of managing infrastructures using virtualization and/or cloud-based services.

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