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Database Admin Bundle


The Database Admin Bundle includes 5 of the most valuable credentials in Database Administration.  The courses in this bundle cover a variety of technologies, ranging from SQL to Oracle. The data explosion is happening across almost every business, to include applications, and individual roles. Certification, especially in Microsoft, has risen swiftly in importance over the past 3-4 years. Today, over 90% of hiring managers consider certification as part of their hiring criteria. With Oracle and Microsoft DBA’s in higher demand than ever, completing this certification bundle will give you the necessary tools to advance your career or start an exciting career in the Database sector of IT. This bundle includes over 150 hours of training, giving you a well-rounded approach to all areas of database technology! Here are just a few of the topics this course bundle will cover:

  • How to write basic Transact-SQL queries for Microsoft SQL
  • The skills to maintain Microsoft SQL Server 2012 databases
  • Creating a data warehouse with SQL Server 2012
  • Implement ETL with SQL Server Integration Services
  • Validate and cleanse data with SQL Server Data Quality Services and SQL Server Master Data Services

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Introduction to Data Warehouse
  •  Introduction
  •  Introduction To Data Warehouse-Part1
  •  Introduction To Data Warehouse-Part2
  •  Introduction To Data Warehouse-Part3
  •  Introduction To Data Warehouse-Part4
  •  Introduction To Data Warehouse-Part5
  •  Introduction To Data Warehouse-Part6
Lesson 2: Creating Dimensions and Changing Granularity of Dimensions
  •  Creating Dimensions And Changing Granularity Of Dimensions-Part1
  •  Creating Dimensions And Changing Granularity Of Dimensions-Part2
  •  Creating Dimensions And Changing Granularity Of Dimensions-Part3
  •  Creating Dimensions And Changing Granularity Of Dimensions-Part4
  •  Creating Dimensions And Changing Granularity Of Dimensions-Part5
  •  Creating Dimensions And Changing Granularity Of Dimensions-Part6
Lesson 3: Creating Fact Tables and ColumnStore Indexes
  •  Creating Fact Tables And Column Store Indexes-Part1
  •  Creating Fact Tables And Column Store Indexes-Part2
  •  Creating Fact Tables And Column Store Indexes-Part3
  •  Creating Fact Tables And Column Store Indexes-Part4
  •  Creating Fact Tables And Column Store Indexes-Part5
Lesson 4: Implementing Data Warehouse in SQL Server 2012
  •  Implementing Data Warehouse-Part1
  •  Implementing Data Warehouse-Part2
  •  Implementing Data Warehouse-Part3
  •  Implementing Data Warehouse-Part4
Lesson 5: Working with Integration Services
  •  Working With Integration Services-Part1
  •  Working With Integration Services-Part2
  •  Working With Integration Services-Part3
  •  Working With Integration Services-Part4
  •  Working With Integration Services-Part5
  •  Working With Integration Services-Part6
Lesson 6: Managing Control Flow
  •  Managing Control Flow-Part1
  •  Managing Control Flow-Part2
  •  Managing Control Flow-Part3
  •  Managing Control Flow-Part4
  •  Managing Control Flow-Part5
Lesson 7: Working with Dynamic Variables
  •  Working With Dynamic Variables-Part1
  •  Working With Dynamic Variables-Part2
  •  Working With Dynamic Variables-Part3
  •  Working With Dynamic Variables-Part4
  •  Working With Dynamic Variables-Part5
  •  Working With Dynamic Variables-Part6
  •  Working With Dynamic Variables-Part7
  •  Working With Dynamic Variables-Part8
Lesson 8: Implementing Data Flow
  •  Implementing DataFlow-Part1
  •  Implementing DataFlow-Part2
  •  Implementing DataFlow-Part3
  •  Implementing DataFlow-Part4
  •  Implementing DataFlow-Part5
  •  Implementing DataFlow-Part6
  •  Implementing DataFlow-Part7
  •  Implementing DataFlow-Part8
Lesson 9: Managing Data Flow
  •  Managing DataFlow-Part1
  •  Managing DataFlow-Part2
  •  Managing DataFlow-Part3
  •  Managing DataFlow-Part4
Lesson 10: Managing SSIS Package Execution
  •  Managing SSIS Package Execution-Part1
  •  Managing SSIS Package Execution-Part2
  •  Managing SSIS Package Execution-Part3
  •  Managing SSIS Package Execution-Part4
  •  Managing SSIS Package Execution-Part5
  •  Managing SSIS Package Execution-Part6
Lesson 11: Debugging and Troubleshooting
  •  Debugging And Troubleshooting-Part1
  •  Debugging And Troubleshooting-Part2
  •  Debugging And Troubleshooting-Part3
  •  Debugging And Troubleshooting-Part4
Lesson 12: Deploying Packages
  •  Deploying Packages-Part1
  •  Deploying Packages-Part2
  •  Deploying Packages-Part3
Lesson 13: Securing Packages and Databases
  •  Securing Packages And Databases-Part1
  •  Securing Packages And Databases-Part2
Lesson 14: Working with MDS and Windows
  •  Working With MDS And Windows Azure
Database Admin Bundle

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