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Quickbooks Bundle


This bundle is perfect for the Accountant, the Accountant-in-training and the small business owner. No matter if you are just starting, in need of a refresher, want to make yourself more marketable to more clients, are looking for work in the field, or need to gain more knowledge in order to run your business better – The ITU Online Accounting Bundle will ensure that you are completely up-to-speed with the latest capabilities.

Plus, each course teaches you everything you need to know so you can run an entire business within either program. It’s the easiest and most affordable way to dive into each program and decide which one is right for you!

Course Outline

Module 1: Intro and Setup
  •  Intro To Quickbooks
  •  Setup Quickbooks
Module 2: Tools
  •  Tools-Part 1
  •  Tools-Part 2
  •  Tools-Part 3
Module 3: Preferences
  •  Preferences
  •  Email Preferences
Module 4: Security & Users
  •  Security And Users
Module 5: Estimates
  •  Estimates
Module 6: Sales Orders
  •  Sales And Orders
Module 7: Receiving Money
  •  Account Receivable
  •  Batch Invoicing
  •  Customer Deposits
Module 8: Bounced Checks
  •  Bounced Checks
Module 9: Specific Tracking
  •  Vehicle Mileage
  •  Class Tracking Transactions
Module 10: Receiving and Depositing
  •  Receiving Payments
  •  Making Deposits
Module 11: Credit Cards and Bank Accounts
  •  Credit Cards
  •  Bank Accounts
Module 12: Payroll
  •  Payroll Preferences
  •  Employee Setup
  •  Processing Payroll
  •  Payroll Tax Forms
  •  Job Costing With Payroll
  •  Payroll Setup Advance
  •  Workers Compensation
Module 13: Transactions
  •  Special Transactions
  •  Memorized Transactions
Module 14: Accounts and Reports
  •  Other Account Types
  •  Quickbooks Reporting
  •  Advance Reporting
  •  Budgets And Forecast
Module 15: Integrating with Word
  •  Writing Letters In Microsoft Word
Module 16: Data Types
  •  Converting Importing And Exporting
  •  Quickooks Backup Data Integrity
  •  Multi-Currencies
Module 17: Conclusion
  •  Advance Features
  •  Update Or Upgrade
  •  Summary Of Quickbooks
Quickbooks Bundle

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